Alternative Lending Solutions Globally-Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings is one of the lending financial institutions in the world. The financial institution provides alternative credit resolution to its customers globally. The lending institution specializes in the margin and stock-based loans, and it has been of great help to borrowers who want to raise capital instantly as well as those individuals who cannot qualify for a bank loan. The borrowers have an opportunity to use the publically traded shares as collateral.

Recently many banks have tightened their rules and regulations on loans gi9ving Equity First Holdings an opportunity to fill the gap and serve the world with their unique services and products. According to the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings Al Christy, the use of the publically traded shares as security for loans is an innovative borrowing alternative for individuals seeking instant capital. Stock-based loans are known to have a high loan-to- value ratio compared to the margin loans and the loans offer a fixed interest rates that provide inevitability throughout the transaction period. The stock-based loans provide a hedge to borrowers thus lowering their risk of investing in the lower market. The stock loans also have a non-resource characteristic that enables the borrower to walk away from the loan at any transaction point.

On the other hand, any borrower who wants a margin loan must be pre-qualified for a bank loan and the cash borrowed must be used for a particular purpose. The margin loans have an interest loan that is variable, and the borrower expects the interest rates to range between 10-50%. In the event of a margin call the lending institution can liquidate the collateral without notifying the borrower.

Equity First Holdings was established in 2002 by its founder and the Chief Executive Officer Al Jr. Christy. The primary mission of foundation the financial institution was to offer their clients an alternative financial solution. The company is devoted to making sure its customers meet their short and long-term goals as well as their personal and professional goals. Since the foundation of Equity First Holdings, it has been expanding tremendously and has been recording a growth of about 30% each year. Equity First Holdings has completed more than 700 transactions. The organization has its Headquarters’ in Indianapolis, Indiana and other location offices in nations including Singapore, Sidney, Perth, Hong Kong, Bangkok as well as Australia.


Devco Helping To Finance Rebuilding Efforts In New Brunswick, New Jersey

The Heldrich Hotel renovation has brought hundreds of new jobs to New Brunwsiwck and created an estimated 1.2 million in annual property taxes paid to the city. A non profit development organization oversaw the renovation of the Heldrich Hotel from a dilapidated hotel to a modern one. To finance the renovation Devco, took out a loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to the sum of $20 million.
The loan was to be repaid over a span of several years with projected revenue from hotel stays. Business however has been much slower than expected. The hotel opened up right when the economy fell during the great recession in 2007. Smaller than expected revenue streams, has meant that Devco has been unable to repay the $20 million dollars as planned

Still, leading members of Devco such as Chris Paladino say they expect the full sum of the loan to repayed along with all interest. It is unfortunate that the loan cannot be repaid on time, but as business picks up the loan should be paid off within several years, says the attorney. The CRDA and other bond holders will just have to be a little more patient. For more info on the Heldrich Hotel redevelopement project check out this article featured on the Press Of Atlantic City.

About Devco

DEVCO, also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation, is a not for profit development agency. It works in partnership with state, federal and other private entities to redevelop buildings throughout the state of New Jersey. Devco is known for putting up capital in risky ventures to help attract other private capital to a project.

Devco was created in the 1970s. The corporation does not seek to make a profit in its projects, but rather spur economic activity in the areas it works in. Its latest project is the redevelopment of the Rutgers University campus in New Jersey. This project combines tax credits and public and private funding to create an estimated $300 million dollar improvement to the university. New classrooms, labs, sidewalks, urban green space and student housing will be constructed and developed as part of the Rutgers University project.