The Newark CEDC ,Working Hard Building Futures

If you haven’t heard of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation by now, then you just haven’t been listening. This amazing group focuses on the economic development of the state of New Jersey. More specifically for Newark and you 20 amazing neighborhood centered within the cultural hub of this diversity and beautiful location. By creating strong growth markets that produce economic development the CEDC generates jobs creating financial stability for businesses as well as the people who own and run them within the beautiful city of Newark.

A Plan for the Future
The Newark CEDC has a plan for the future, and that is sustainable growth and economic stability to the diversity and collaborate in efforts of the city of Newark. By creating strong housing markets as well as business locations that are stable and will build economic strength for Newark. One of the ways they are doing this is by having brilliant individuals such as CFO Kevin Seawright at the helm leading them into this bright future, and you can find his Twitter page here. The Newark CEDC is there to make sure this beautiful, diverse cultural hub will substantially grow into the future and strengthen the economic success of those who live there.

A Record that’s Proven
Kevin has a proven track record of success. Having both a Masters degree in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Kevin shows his professionalism and qualification by his dedication to education. Kevin has successfully and creatively managed money on a large scale such as a 50 million dollar regional budget through Tito contractors where Kevin manages a team of eight.

Strong Ties Make Bonds That Are Unbreakable
Kevin Seawright is a board member the Babe Ruth Museum as well as involved in youth sports as a coach. By being an experienced and visionary leader Kevin sets forth a strong example to all of those who come into contact with him. Kevin has served as a member of the American Society for public administration as well as many other municipal departments throughout Baltimore before coming on board with the Newark CEDC .

Why Houston’s Customized Home Market Stays Resilient In Spite Of The Oil Crash

The upscale market is frequently the first to experience the consequences of a financial downturn. However, in spite of the present oil slump, custom home developers in Houston carry on to view sturdy demand for upmarket homes, stated Brain Thompson, establisher as well as CEO of Thompson Custom Homes in Houston.

“Homebuyers got nervous at the beginning (of the oil slump), but our business has been strong the past three or four months,” Thompson stated. “The custom home market is very resilient.”

Thompson Custom Homes constructs approximately 12 homes per year valued at least $3 million. Since its inception in 1995, the homemaker has constructed almost 150 homes in well-to-do neighborhoods such as Memorial, River Oaks, Tanglewood as well as West University. It presently has 11 homes being constructed plus nine extra in the schedule of the remaining time of this year.

Majority of the purchasers are well-established mavens-company executives, physicians as well as attorneys-who are economically stable and are able to afford to construct a customized home even in times of oil crash.

Thompson said that people made plenty of cash at $100 a barrel, and since now that the price of oil has declined, people have an opportunity to think of how to use the money.

What Thompson has not realized are any key changes in the custom-made homes market since oil value decreased by over 50%. Custom home-purchasers are still choosing all the superfluity amenities such as golf simulator rooms, wine areas alongside hidden rooms.

Thompson said that once his clients decide to construct a house, they want it to have what they desire, and it’s actually a want and not a need.

The energy business will possibly upset the market for customized homes in case oil prices remain low for a long duration of time, Thompson stated. He further said that he does not anticipate such as thing to occur, however.

He also said that if oil remains at $50 a barrel for yet another year, business could change for them.

Another huge player in the real estate market who might be affected by the energy business is Haidar Barbouti. Mr. Barbouti, through a number of businesses is actively involved in real estate industry all over the world and most importantly in US. In Houston, Barbouti owns a number of real estate investments such as Highland Village Shopping Center, which is a multi-purpose business center on Westheimer Road in Houston. Haidar Borbouti’s businesses are expected to do quite well with the increase in custom homebuyers moving to Houston as a result of reduced oil prices.