Sea Turtles In South Carolina

Loggerhead sea turtles are adorable animals, and they have recently made nests along the coastline of South Carolina. There have been over 4,900 nests discovered in the sand. These are record numbers, and the count isn’t over as researchers discover more nests that have been made. The turtles will go to the shore to lay their eggs before going back to the ocean. After some time, the eggs will hatch, and the babies will migrate to the ocean where they will live their lives.

This is a crucial time for the turtles as there are eggs that are already hatching. It’s a time of the year when many families gather at the beach for vacations since school is out for the summer in many locations. Those who are at the beach need to be mindful of where they walk so that they don’t disrupt a nest or injure an egg. Most of the time, turtles will lay their eggs far enough below the surface so that they aren’t disturbed. However, there could be a chance that an egg is left partially exposed. The egg could become damaged, or the turtle might not develop while inside the egg, causing the egg not to hatch. Researchers are asking that people turn off lights at night that shine on the nests as this can cause the nests to be lost. The turtles will become confused and start to migrate toward the land instead of going toward the ocean.