CEO Billy McFarland Expects Significant Growth of Magnises Membership in 2019

Young entrepreneur and CEO Billy McFarland started Magnises, an exclusive social club, in 2013, to offer membership to millennials in New York City. Since then, the elite club has expanded to Washington DC, Illinois, and California, attracting approximately 30,000 members from the ages of 21 up to 35 years old.

In the club’s early startup process, mostly working adults joined the club earning middle-class incomes, but more average working adults are included in the group. What’s attractive about Magnises membership is its Black Card, which was launched one year later after the company was founded. The card offers its holders considerable discounts at fine restaurants, cultural events, concerts, and much more.

The Magnises Club connects its members with professionals within the group for socialization and business networking. Billy McFarland set high goals for his company and with hard work expects membership to reach one million members, by 2019.

The brand was organized after he started holding a series of events to place people in the same environment and build a successful club of professionals and working millennials. He successfully contributed to increasing Magnises growth by creating a driven network of members with like interests, including socially and professionally.

According to The Guardian News, the median age of Magnises members is 28 who seek brands and businesses. Majority of the members have jobs and believes the Black card meets the requirements for their lifestyles.

Many VIP members are saying great things about its benefits and how it’s much needed for their busy schedules. The best benefits are the 24 hour and 7 days a week concierge services for booking or finding establishments and reasonable discounts on meals, travel, and lodging.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland returned to his birthplace, New York City after living his childhood in New Jersey. He became an entrepreneur at age 13 and started an e-commerce outsourcing company.

McFarland serves as Magnises Chief Executive Officer and manages the business daily functions and expansion endeavors. Join Magnises Club to receive the Black card and easily download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store.