Senator Tom Davis’ Proposal to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Leading Republicans in support for medical marijuana are set to table a motion that will allow people to possess and use the drug. However, it should be prescribed by a doctor in South Carolina. Senator Tom Davis said that his proposal was motivated by other states that have successfully legalized medical marijuana. He claims to have bipartisan support and many cosponsors.


A study carried out by Winthrop Poll found out that 78 percent of the respondents support the proposal. Davis said that his plan was enjoying massive support currently. Davis’ journey to legalize medical marijuana commenced in 2014. He tabled a bill that later became law. The law allowed medical practitioners to prescribe marijuana-derived oil to patients. Moreover, the law makes it lawful for any resident of South Carolina to possess the oil.


Davis was confident that the new bill was going to increase the use of medical marijuana. The drug is set to be treated like any other controlled medication. He noted that it would be the duty of the state of South Carolina to cultivate process, manufacture, dispense, and monitor its consumption. Davis also looked at the economic aspect of the proposal. He stated that the fees the state will receive from growers and dispensaries would be used to pay off other expenses incurred by the state.


28 states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana. Legalization of medical marijuana would have come earlier in South Carolina. However, the state did not have the funds to facilitate the 1980 act. Davis hopes that his proposal will receive the support of the Senate because the proposal will prevent marijuana from leaving the system and being abused in the streets. His proposal to track the plant from cultivation to dispensing and labeling of the drug will ensure its proper use.