Your Quick Band Starter Kit: Acoustic Guitars and Cameras


Finding the best acoustic guitar brands is not an easy task. Taste and feel easily go into making a decision. Is the preference for steel or nylon strings? What about straight acoustic versus electro-acoustic? Seagull’s Mosaic acoustic guitar offers the guitar picker everything they’d hope for. A rich, full sound and gorgeous to look at, this guitar is at the top in terms of quality. The Martin and Taylor brands are also top notch. Staples in the acoustic guitar industry for years, both brands offer amazing quality and sound. There are many more amazing brands: Takamine and Gibson are acoustic guitar brands that speak to great quality and are very popular. Two more brands worth noting, Blueridge and Recording King, constantly build amazing acoustic guitars.


Choosing the camera companies that best suits ones needs can be quite daunting. There are the DSLR cameras that take some camera knowledge or the point and shoot camera for ease. Identifying the best camera brand goes a long way into making the right choice. On the DSLR side, Canon leads the way. Not only is it the most popular brand, they back it up with a fantastic product. Nikon is right behind Canon in terms of popularity and product. For most professional photographers, these two brands top them all. Pentax has made amazing strides with the jump into the DSLR market. On the point and shoot side, Panasonic, Ricoh and Sony are top brands with Canon also offering great choices.