Among The Worst Drivers

A recent study has shown that drivers in South Carolina are among the worst in the nation. This comes as no surprise to those who have traveled on the roads in the state. With the relaxed seat belt regulations, the lack of a requirement for motorcyclists to wear a helmet and the myriad of places where drivers can cruise up and down the streets without worrying about driving at a high rate of speed, it’s no wonder that drivers aren’t the most agile on the road in the state. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were used when creating the study that was used for the ranking.


Drivers aren’t very happy with the rest of the nation thinking that they don’t know how to drive on the roads. However, if there were fewer car accidents and fewer reports of motorists speeding, then the results might be a little different. If you’ve been on the roads, then you see that there are people on their phones talking and texting all day long. This isn’t the way that you’re supposed to drive. It’s also an indication that people really don’t care about what they’re focused on when it comes to being on the road. They care more about talking and getting their messages sent than they do obeying the traffic laws and regulations that are set forth by the state.