Handy’s Great Booming Business

Handy is a company that operates entirely through the mobile application, similarly named Handy. Handy helps link home owners and people who otherwise need someone to clean a living space for them with home cleaning professionals. Most of the people that work on Handy are independent cleaners and earn only supplemental income, although there are some people that use Handy as their sole source of income, marking the efficacy of Handy to allow people to work full-time rather high.

The idea for Handy first came about when co-founder Oisin Hanrahan was living in Budapest and bought and sold apartments through renovating them. Mr. Hanrahan found that it was very difficult to find anybody to clean those apartments, and this is where he first got this idea. Mr. Oisin Hanrahan moved to the United States, and found out that the lack of cleaners were not just in Budapest — this was a worldwide problem.

Handy as a business has raised more than one hundred million dollars in funding from various financiers, including Highland Capital Management. Handy currently has more than one hundred forty on their payroll in the twenty-eight cities in which Handy is able to be used.

One of the most importatnt things about Handy that sets this company apart from competitors is its rigorous application system that virtually guarantees that no person who is not fully or overqualified for the position will get the job. More than three quarters of a million applications have been received, but less than three percent of people who apply actually end up as an employee for Handy.

Handy plans to expand into new frontiers in markets around the world, outside of markets currently already established in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Handy wants to make sure that they have fully saturated existing markets before penetrating new markets.

Handy is free to download and use on the customer’s behalf. Only the cleaner has to pay a fee of twenty percent of the agreed upon price. Anybody who wants to try out Handy is enocuraged to do so by downloading Handy today.

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