South Carolina Still Has Flooding Problems

South Carolina was one of the states that was devastated by the fury of Hurricane Matthew. The losses are still being tallied. It will take many weeks to completely assess all of the damage. It is estimated that the losses will be in the billions of dollars. Unfortunately, the problems for South Carolina have not ended when the hurricane subsided. The flooding throughout the state has caused destruction that has resulted in President Obama declaring the state a disaster area. The government has sent aid to displaced residents who have lost their homes in the flooding.


The flood waters still remain in many areas of the state days after the storm died down. The water is not going down as quickly as many experts predicted. This has hindered the attempts to clear debris in the affected areas. This has also prevented people from returning to their homes and starting the process of recovering their belongings and repairing any damages. There is no telling when the flood waters will subside to the point where life can get back to normal.


The flooding is some of the worst that South Carolina has encountered in several decades. The state did have a lot of warning that Hurricane Matthew was approaching. However, many residents are angry about the state government’s lack of preparation. These people believe that greater care should have been taken to have food, clothing and shelter available immediately for people who were living in areas that experienced the worst flooding. The response was slower in some areas because trucks carrying relief supplies to flooded areas were prevented from driving on roads that were covered with water.


Overall the governor of South Carolina believes that the relief effort for residents of her state was executed about as well as can be expected considering the circumstances. All people who needed food, clothing and shelter were provided with it in a timely manner. The big problem still facing South Carolina is how to go about dealing with areas of the state where flood waters are still present. It remains to be seen how this will be accomplished.

South Carolina Experiences Employment Recovery

South Carolina does not receive very much national attention for its economy. Consider this an unfortunate oversight on the part of the media. South Carolina seems to be doing quite well as indicated by the decline in its jobless rate. The jobless rate in South Carolina is 5.2%, which is a 15-year low.

Two segments of the economy that contributed to the low jobless rate were the government sector and professional/business services. Unfortunately, manufacturing and construction continue to do poorly. A common misconception about improving economies is that things improve equally across the board in all industries. Such is not – and never will be – the case. Unemployment figures are an average.

In a way, the unemployment figures in other states can have an effect on what occurs in South Carolina. South Carolina has a number of wonderful, beautiful beaches that make the state perfect vacation destinations. In order for tourists to travel to the beaches of South Carolina, they must have disposable income. States that have not seen much of an economic recovery are going to send fewer tourists South Carolina’s way. Wage stagnation and middling unemployment numbers due cut into tourism and industries related to tourism. Ironically, no matter how well South Carolina recovers, the state is still going to be at the mercy – to a degree – of economic conditions in other regions.

Such an outcome should be expected. The laws of economics do not exist in a vacuum. The economy of the United States often revolves around not only the economic relationships between the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico, but also countries outside of North America. Ripple effects happen for good and bad.

South Carolina and Disciplinary Actions in Schools

It is a news story that hit the papers back in October; however, it is now resurfacing as the trial begins. The new story involves a white police officer, throwing a young, black teenager to the ground after she refused to follow his orders. According to the New York Times (2016), “a white sheriff’s deputy in a South Carolina high school drags a black girl from her desk, slams her to the floor and then handcuffs her. The girl’s crime? She had refused a teacher’s order to put away her cell phone, then refused an order to leave the classroom.” This incident has popped up numerous times because some believe the way the officer behaved was out of character for the circumstances.

However, the New York Times was really trying to tell the story of South Carolina law on disrupting school faces legal challenge, and they were just using the above example as a reference. In South Carolina students through ages, sixteen are charged under juvenile laws, and those who are seventeen or older are charged as adults. Police officers in South Carolina are able to enter school grounds during school hours and obtain an individual for questioning or arrest them if they have broken the law. Individuals on the school board are fighting this, they believe school time should not be disrupted on such grounds, and matters should be handled outside of school. Also, the school board believes that if there is a matter that happens inside of school grounds it should be handled by school officials, and outside law enforcement should not be called in.

According to the New York Times (2016), “Ms. McLeod is now running for the State Senate for the district that includes Spring Valley High School.” Ms.McLeod plans to overturn the law that states that law enforcement may enter school grounds, during school hours to deal with disciplinary actions inside the school. The proposed changed would go in front of the General Assembly next year if Ms. McLeod becomes State Senate for the district.

4-Star DB will visit South Carolina again soon

T.J. Carter the class of 2017 four-star defensive back is wrapped up in playing his final year of high school football, but that hasn’t stopped him from looking ahead to the 2017 football season. Despite his grueling fall schedule, the prospect from Nashville has several high-profile universities competing for his attention—including Auburn, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Memphis, Mississippi State, and University of South Carolina. While T.J. didn’t get to visit all of those schools over the summer, he planning on rectifying that sometime in the autumn, and specifically giving the Gamecocks of South Carolina a good hard look.

According to the young DB, “South Carolina is at the top of my list. I want to get there for a game and see what it’s like.” He’s already visited the South Carolina campus once and liked them. Plus, it seems U.S.C. has already made him an offer to come play. He says he really enjoyed the campus experience and coaches, according to T.J. also added that new Gamecock coach Muschamp has an impressive history of producing defensive backs and high octane defenses and that is what initially drew his interest to the school.

However, is quick to point out that, while the 5’11, corner back is keen on the Gamecocks, nothing is written in stone just yet. He still has a few other schools to visit before the final decision is made. He has already made trips to Memphis and Louisville. It remains to be seen where he stands on the school recruiting board following a strong summer of good commitments. Either way, it appears that T.J. can look forward to a fall full of travel and football.

University of South Carolina Helps LSU with Flooding

Large portions of the state of Louisiana have been hit by devastating flooding in recent days. Louisiana State University has been no exception. However, the school is receiving help from an interesting location. It was October of 2015 that LSU allowed South Carolina to play a game in their stadium because their own stadium located in Columbia had been flooded out. Now South Carolina is returning the favor to pay back LSU for their kindness last year. They are organizing the collection of donations to be sent to the city of Baton Rouge to help the victims of the floods. Items such as blankets, canned foods and diapers can be donated in a variety of locations. The flooding is the worst that Baton Rouge has seen in its history.

The University of South Carolina was very grateful for the helping hand that was extended by LSU last year. Now they are happy to help out Louisiana in its time of need. Donations will continue to be collected for as long as the crisis is going on. The flood waters have shown no signs of subsiding in certain areas. One of the places where people can donate their flood relief items is Williams-Brice Stadium. This is the home of the University of South Carolina football team.

It should be noted that this bit of generosity from South Carolina was done without Louisiana requesting it. Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards has said that the flooding experienced by the state is unprecedented. More than 40,000 homes have been damaged in some way by the flooding. The governor has suspended all court deadlines in areas of the state where flooding has occurred.

Yes, That Is A Gator on the Beach!

Beachgoers at Pawleys Island, South Carolina, were surprised when a 7-foot alligator crawled out of the surf and joined in the sunbathing. There were several quick calls made to authorities, who came to nab the beast while everyone else kept their distance.

Police Chief Michael Fanning said that officers followed the gator for about two hours, keeping it in sight, until the Department of Natural Resources and private contractors came to take over. The contractors brought a noose on a pole, then lassoed the leviathan and returned it to a more alligator-friendly environment.

Alligators are not uncommon in South Carolina. They’re indigenous to the Southeast, and are found as far north as Virginia and as far west as east Texas. The state of South Carolina reports there are about 750 alligator complaints registered each year. Most involve smaller young gators, but these reptiles can grow to be 13 feet long

Experts say if you see an alligator, stay away from it. If it hisses, it’s warning you that you’re too close. Alligators may attack if they feel threatened, and they can move very quickly. Keep pets on a leash when you walk them in alligator territory, and don’t leave pets alone outside. Never feed alligators, because that will make these large, dangerous creatures approach humans

Police Chief Fanning said it’s not uncommon for alligators to end up on beaches in South Carolina. Young alligators tend to get swept into the ocean current and carried to the shore. Normally, about 2 alligators are caught on Pawleys Island each summer. But experts are used to capturing them and removing them from populated areas. Later, gator!

Does Your Festival and Events Bucket List Include South Carolina?

From flower festivals to NASCAR and Gulla dancers, South Carolina hosts annual events to delight both residents and visitors. To ensure that your festivals and events bucket list includes ones not to be missed, a great site to investigate is “Top 20 Events & Festivals in South Carolina, USA.”

Festival and events season kicks off in March with a unique piano competition. Even numbered years feature contestants ages 13 to 17. Odd numbered years are for entrants 18 to 30 years of age. Pianists participating in The Peter Takacs Classical Sonata competition must perform a work by Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven. The Oberlin Conservatory professor for whom the event is named has been its sponsor and $500 prize donor since 1976.

Equestrian enthusiasts don’t have to wait until Kentucky Derby time in May to enjoy a day of social interaction, tail-gate parties and ladies and gents in fashionable attire because Camden hosts the world-renowned Carolina Cup steeplechase.

Need-for-speed fans will definitely want to be track side for The Southern 500. More popularly known on the NASCAR circuit as The Darlington 500, this always-sold-out event draws crowds of all ages from all across the USA in early May. For those who fancy themselves actually moving on a track as opposed to watching, the place to be in May is at Myrtle Beach’s 10-day Bike Week that includes motorcycle racing.

Memorial Day weekend 2016 will mark 30 years and counting for South Carolina’s Gullah Festival. Taking place in Beaufort, this event is sure to gets your toes taping and your hands and fingers clapping and snapping to the beat of songs and dances honoring early African-American settlers in the USA. In addition to music, this 4-day event includes the opportunity to purchase hand-woven craft items as well as to feast on soul foods made from original Gullah recipes.

Carolina Panther Fans Show Support

The States of North and South Carolina are proving that they have a proud heritage in supporting their local sport franchise. The Carolina Panthers of the National Football League were treated to record crowds the past two weeks during the practice sessions in Wofford, North Carolina near Spartansburg. The initial Carolina Panther Kickoff Practice barbeque drew over 22,000 fans. However, the Panthers were blessed to see over 135,000 fans attend their practices over the past fourteen days. This exceeded last years record by over an average of over 9,000 new Carolina Panther patrons per day.

Most fans agree that their faith in their beloved team has not wavered since the Panther’s devastating loss to the Denver Broncos during the 2015 Super Bowl. Most fans were crushed that the Panther’s were not able to finish the job despite finishing the regular season with a 15-1 record.

The Carolina Panthers enter the season with a lot of confidence and the team looks again to ride the coat tails of their star Quarterback, Cam Newton. Most of the Carolina Panther football team is returning for the 2016 season with the exception of star cornerback Josh Norman. Norman signed a tender to play for the Washington redskins this season after talks broke down with the Panthers.

Panther’s head coach Ron Rivera is not concerned about the recent loss of Norman. The Panther’s are still a very well balanced football team and should easily make the playoffs again this year. Many believe that the only teams that can stop the Panthers from repeating their presence in the 2016 Super Bowl is the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys.


Lady Grey Jewelry Designers are clearly for Hillary Clinton

The campaigns for the United Stated presidential race has really heated up. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have engaged their full gear in their bid to succeed the outgoing president Barrack Obama. The supporters of the two parties have, also, not been left out. The latest notable actions being by the designers of Lady Grey jewelry line.
Basing on the information here, the designers have made a statement through their recent actions that indeed they are in for the idea of the next US president coming from the Democratic Party. On Tuesday, these artisans posted on Instagram that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump had purchased an item from their online store. The post included an image of a note, handwritten, which informed Ivanka that they had donated the proceeds from the purchase to Clinton Campaign, American Immigration Council and Everytown for Gun Safety.
The American Immigration Council, who benefited from the proceeds, had been one of the most vocal in opposing the Republican’s immigration stance, including his idea of building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. A month ago, they posted on their blogs stating that Trump’s policies on immigrations are not based on facts and are dangerous to the United States too.
Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has pledged to introduce immigration reforms that are comprehensive within 100 days after she assumes office.
The Everytown for Gun Safety’s home page is currently wooing Americas to Shut Trump and the Dangerous Rhetoric of the NRA down. In June, they endorsed Hillary Clinton as their favorite candidate for the presidential seat.
At that time, Hillary Clinton issued a statement emphasizing how the parents and grandparents are dedicated to keeping their children safe. She stated that she felt honored to be endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She expressed her gratitude for the effort put to ensure gun safety measure are in play and to end the gun violence that has been one of the epidemic issues in the United States. She went ahead and expressed her willingness to fight in order to bring the gun violence issue to an end once and for all. She clearly stated that the lives of all American children are equally precious and that they deserved a president who will always stand up for them.
Meanwhile, the Lady Grey designers have at least shown who exactly they back for the American presidential seat.

South Carolina Offers Freedom and Sales Tax Holiday to Citizens

Out of all the qualities to look for in a state, freedom – in all of its forms – has got to be at the top of the list. Interesting enough, South Carolina has been touted as the state that offers its residents more freedoms than many of the other state in the Union.

According to a recent study by the Cairo Institute , South Carolina ranks 15th for freedom offered to individuals residing within its borders. All 50 states were assessed according to a number of criteria believed to promote freedom levels. The main ones included economic restrictions, right to own firearms, marriage freedoms, and marijuana use.

For more information about the Cairo Institute Survey, please visit:


Delivering on their “freedom” image, South Carolina just offered a sales tax break to all of its citizen which ran from August 6th to August 8th.

The items that were exempt from state and local sales tax were as follows: computers, clothes and other school related items. South Carolina’s current sales tax rate is six percent and shoppers were able to save up to 8.5 percent depending on where they lived. The extra 2.5 percent accounted for local taxes.

Now this was a really generous gesture by South Carolina considering the state lost an enormous amount of money because of it. According to the Board of Education Advisors, South Carolina’s coffer revenues were reduced by approximately $2.25 million during this 3-day tax=free weekend. Shoppers were happy though, and so South Carolina was happy to lose a couple million in order to help its citizens save a few bucks.

See what South Carolina shoppers had to say about the tax-free weekend:

Aside from helping out its private citizens, South Carolina’s sales tax break was also a boon to local businesses. During the recent tax-free weekend a shopping spree ensued which increased local shop sales by significant margins. While the items on the sales tax exempt list included mostly back-to-school stuff, South Carolina’s generosity got shoppers in the buying mood and many other non-back-to-school purchases were were made. This brought a huge boost to local businesses who sold non-related school items.

You gotta love any state willing to help out its citizens and local businesses while losing money in the process. I guess South Carolina really takes its “freedom” reputation seriously.