Joseph Bismark Featured in asPire Magazine

An article recently released through Reuters discussed a piece in asPire magazine’s latest issue, featuring Joseph Bismark. A founding Director of the Qi Group, Bismark shares aspect of his life in the piece, including his vegetarian diet, exercise regime, literature, and apps that help to sustains his healthy lifestyle.

The Director explains that activities keep people fit, and help them to conquer self-doubt. He is an advocate of holistic health, and teaches by example. he works out weekly with kettlebells for improved flexibility, cycles often, and teaches yoga. He considers the latter a way of life, learning more about the subject even as he teaches it. Bismark is a yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga.

A selection of apps and media help Bismark to achieve his goals. He spends 15 minutes of every day working out his brain with Luminosity. The web-based application challenges the brain with fun, scientific, games that can be played on any device. Meditation is essential to yoga, a truth that has made the Director fond of SoundCloud. He finds it is an excellent way to upload and share his mantras and bhanjans chants. Finally, whenever Bismark goes cycling, he enjoys using MapMyRide. The app is a fitness tracker, and includes statistics for duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned.

Joseph Bismark’s innate desire for knowledge has led him to success in his varied interests: Vedic philosophy, yoga, bonsai, and martial arts. He ascended to the role of Group Managing Director of the Qi Group in 2008. Since then he has worked and lived with one adage in mind: “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” His talented leadership has been described as dynamic and versatile, featuring an open management style influenced by Vedic philosophical tenets. His unorthodox upbringing has produced a man who is at once innovative and reflective.

Bismark’s efforts were instrumental in building a foundation for the Group’s colossal growth. In line with his views on life, he initiated the Group’s forays into wellness and organic foods. He also believes that spiritual growth is gained through service, which has led him to devote time and attention to the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the RYTHMN Foundation.

The Director watches over his Group’s evolution from Singapore. The Qi Group, which currently has subsidiary companies in nearly 30 countries, is expanding into education with the establishment of a University in Malaysia. The Group is also investing in the hospitality sectors of six countries around the world.