Paint Facility Is Opened by Boeing in South Carolina

Good news that will have a positive impact on the South Carolina economy was announced recently. Boeing has just recently started operating a new paint facility in the state. It is located on the North Charleston complex. The facility had been talked about regularly for the past decade. Many people in the company had given up hope of the facility ever seeing the light of day. However, a push from some of the local politicians convinced Boeing to open the paint facility in South Carolina instead of in a different state.


Before the site existed, Boeing aircraft that were constructed in the state would need to be moved to a different Boeing facility just to be painted. Needless to say, this caused a lot of time to be wasted. However, the paint facility makes the Boeing complex in Charleston the only one in the country to be able to handle the complete production of an aircraft from start to finish.


The addition of the paint facility will mean many more jobs. A Boeing spokesperson was unable to say the specific number of additional workers they will be hiring during the next several months. However, the number is expected to be very large. The paint facility opens the doors to additional Boeing projects in the future in South Carolina. Representatives for the aircraft manufacturer were not ready to discuss any other projects until they are closer to being approved. However, it appears as though many more jobs will be created in the years to come.