Adrian Figueroa Jose Velasquez’s 10 Tricks For Excellent Smartphone Photographs

Adrian Figueroa Jose Velasquez is a native Venezuelan entrepreneur with a great passion for photography. He works as the president, treasurer, and director of five companies in Panama. Figueroa has built a tremendous reputation among the business communities in Venezuela with his exceptional entrepreneurship skills and a philanthropic heart.

Adrian has been in the forefront of building and growing business ventures, training young leaders, and empowering the communities around Panama to improve their living conditions.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa’s passion for photography saw him publish an article showcasing his ten tricks that will significantly improve the quality of photographs you take with your smartphone. Here are a few tips I picked from his piece:

Always keep your Camera Lens Clean

Since your phone is always in and out of your purse or pocket, it may collect a lot of dirt from the surfaces and even your finger touch. It is advisable to regularly clean up the lens to ensure clarity in pictures you take. Many people consistently take poor quality and blurred pictures and blame it on the camera quality, yet the lens is clearly dirty. If you are out taking those famous pictures, carry you cleaning cloth or cotton wool along!

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Moderated Pictures by using filters

Instagram has popularized the technique of photographic filters. However, there are numerous applications out there you can apply to your photos to transform the looks. Be careful not to use filters on all your pictures. It can be a little bit overwhelming and trite.

Learn to Edit

Photo editing is a critical component of any confessional looking pictures says Figueroa. It may be a little daunting, but it’s worth the try. There are numerous free online courses on photo editing you can try out and acquire that essential skill to transform your photography. You can achieve photos that look much better and authentic than those you would make with standard filters.

Come closer to the Object

One major challenge with smartphones is the inability to provide optical zoom. Too much zooming creates distortions and noise in your pictures. It is possible to cut later, but this substantially affects the image quality. The less editing and cutting a picture requires, the better the quality.

It is, therefore, necessary to angle closer to your object and take the clear shot. You can practice with little objects like grasshoppers by taking from the normal range, and then taking closer pictures by filling up the picture frame. You will notice the apparent disparity in image quality.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: 10 Tips On How To Become A Better Photographer Using Smartphone

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa once revealed that people aspiring to be great in the same field are not essentially required to spend thousands on expensive cameras if they own an advanced mobile device. Below are his 10 tips on how to become a better photographer using smartphone.

1. Always Clean The Lens
The lens attached to a gizmo can get smudged often due to the way that users hold the phone. Be sure to wipe it clean before you take any photo.

2. Study The Subject
Figueroa considers the fact that the camera features in handheld gadgets nowadays have high resolutions as a before for those who wish to have a career in photography. However, you need to ascertain that they are looking at the right subject prior to clicking the capture button.

3. Focus On One Point
Figueroa also mentioned that the audience tend to get confused when the shot does not have a clear angle, that’s why you have to decide on which part of the subject you want the lens to concentrate on.

4. Go Up-close
Making use of the zoom feature can pixelate the image and blur its beauty. In case you wish to take a clearer picture, it is a must for you to move closer to the object or person so that you can produce sharper photographs.

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5. Do It Sans Flash
According to Adrian, the only time that it is acceptable to use the Flash on your smartphone is if the location is almost pitch black since it creates an intense glare that can spoil what could have been a great photo. Depending on normal lighting is still ideal.

6. Try New Mobile Apps
Although the in-built camera on your smartphone satisfies your photographic needs, there are various applications on you are free to download. A good number of them actually make more capturing and editing choices more accessible for the users.

7. Modify The Settings
Similar to how you can turn the Flash on and off of the device, you are allowed as well to alter the ISO, aperture, brightness, and other articles related to the camera. This ensures that the mobile setting is suitable for the background.

8. Stay on Auto Mode
The best photo quality that smartphones offer is the High Dynamic Range (HDR), but this is not always the greatest choice, especially if you plan on learning how to dabble with diverse exposures on Tumblr. Hence, it seems like a good idea to allow the device to decide automatically on what is the suitable quality at the moment.

9. Know The Filters
Filtering photographs is doable through a mobile device. It lets you remove unnecessary shadows or add more color to the pictures.

10. Practice Editing
Photographers are supposed to be skilled editors too because that is how you can emphasize or enhance the look that you wish for the subject to achieve. Some online editing applications are available for free, and their superiority is not far from the paid ones.

Who is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa?
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan-born business executive who currently holds three different positions – President, Director, and Treasurer – in a total of five companies in Panama.