George Soros Is Donating Heavily To The Democratic Party Once Again

After taking a long break from heavy funding of the Democratic party, billionaire investor George Soros has begun to once again donate large sums to help get Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton elected. In 2004 he donated a whopping $27 million to help defeat George W. Bush. So far, he has given the Democratic party $25 million to aid in the election of Clinton as well as to boost other causes related to the party. Many experts have said that they expect him to give even more as the election draws closer on He attended the Democratic presidential nomination for the first time to watch Hillary Clinton accept the nomination.

According to people that personally know George Soros, they claim that he is more interested in this election than any other in quite some time. George Soros is driven by his desire to see Clinton win as well as a feeling of disdain for Donald Trump whom he has accused of propelling terrorism. His adviser Michael Vachon has stated that Soros is a committed donor because he feels that the Democratic party must win and that the stakes are extremely high in this election. Donald Trump is opposed to most of the causes that George Soros has championed throughout his lifetime.

Many people look at the heavy donations as a positive sign for Hillary Clinton because when George Soros donates heavily on Twitter, then many other wealthy individuals will follow suit.Some of the major donors include Tom Steyer who is an environmentalist based out of San Francisco, Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner. All of these individuals have contributed several million dollars to the Clinton campaign.

According to FEC records, George Soros has given $7 million in contributions to a super PAC that would support Clinton. The name of the super PAC is Priorities USA Action. According to insiders, he is considering another donation of three million dollars.He has also donated $2 million dollars to American Bridge 21st Century and $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win. Both of wich are super PACs. There was an additional contribution of $700,000 to a variety of organizations that are in place to further the Democratic party. The donations don’t stop there, however. There is a whole list of other super PACs and organizations to which he has generously donated to help both citizens and those involved in Democratic politics. There is no doubt that having George Soros support Clinton so heavily is a great advantage to her campaign and her chances of winning the election.

Charles Koch Agrees with Sanders’ Economic and Justice Policies

American billionaire businessman Charles Koch has kind of endorsed Bernie Sanders. He wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that he agrees with Sanders on his stand on the reform of the criminal justice system and on corporate welfare. Charles Koch said that he agrees that the current economical and political climate doesn’t do much to help the disadvantaged in the society but is rigged in the favor of the privileged. He applauded the Democratic presidential candidate for being a voice for many Americans who are struggling against a system that doesn’t favor them.

The leftwing presidential candidate has on the campaign trail, long been critical of the efforts of the Koch brothers largely for their election expenditures. This prompted Koch to write that Sanders seems to think that he is running for office as well. However, the Koch brothers have funded a number of rightwing organizations like The American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation. They also played a role in the 2009 Tea Party.

Koch remarked on Sanders stand on criminal justice saying he agrees with the need to reform this sector and is an important issue for the president of the U.S. to tackle. In 2015, together with the Center for American Progress and other leftwing organizations, the Koch brothers founded the Coalition for Public Safety. This was to reform the criminal justice system.

He wrote that crimes committed by poor people, such as the possession and sale of marijuana result in them going to prison, ruining job and other opportunities for them in future. On the other hand, for the rich and connected different rules apply, which shows a flaw in the justice system. Koch also wrote against the costly federal programs, which he said doesn’t help the less advantaged improve their situations. He said it only makes the federal government more controlling, complex and costly.

Charles Koch is an American businessman born in 1935 in Wichita, Kansas. Charles is currently the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries the second largest private corporation in America and has been since 1967. Under his leadership, the company has experienced tremendous growth with operations in around 60 countries globally.

Koch studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned three degrees. A general engineering bachelor’s degree and nuclear and chemical engineering master’s degrees. He is also a published author: his book “The Science of Success” describes his business philosophy of Market-Based Management.