Taralluci e Vino is an amazing party venue

New York City is possibly the most vibrant metropolis in the world. There is always something going on, no matter what hour of the day. People rarely think about it, but these lavish parties require amazing event spaces to match. The city is sprinkled with thousands of banquet halls, bars, and community centers, but many of the best events occur at amazing restaurants. These restaurants are able to offer top-quality food and the atmosphere that customers crave. Top restaurants throughout New York City compete to host the best possible parties, but until recently there was no one covering this trend. Goop decided to step in and give New Yorkers the event space guide that they need.

Goop is an online luxury lifestyle magazine. They seek to cover everything people need to live the life they want. The magazine recently listed several top event spaces in New York City. Two of these spaces really stand out, Charlie Bird and China Blue.

Charlie Bird is one of the top Italian restaurants in the city. This restaurant features uni pasta and amazing homemade spaghetti. The old-school prints on the wall combined with the new school hip-hop blaring from the speakers make this a truly unique location. Charlie Bird is ideal for intimate dinner parties because their private dining room features enough room for ten people to have the best Italian meal of their life. Charlie Bird is a solid option for any small party.

China Blue is a trendy spot within the Tribeca neighborhood. This wonderful restaurant creates the perfect contrast between the jazz age Shanghai and rustic flea market finds. The restaurant features the highlights of Chinese food including Dim Sum and other family-style foods. The restaurant features several partial rooms that are ideal for parties. China Blue is an amazing place to host your next party.

Goop did a great job of covering the event spaces within New York City, but they missed several great locations. One of the biggest omissions was Tarallucci e Vino. Taralluci e Vino is the ideal place to host any party because they have several event spaces to offer. The Union Square location and the Cooper-Hewitt locations are both designed with different parties in mind.

The Union Square venue is perfect for those that want a breathtaking view for the next party. It overlooks New York’s historic Union Square. There are four rooms within the venue, each designed to host large parties. Taralucci staff will work with you to ensure the best possible venue and they will customize a menu for your needs. If you love Italian, but you have special requests, this is ideal for you.

Those that want to host massive parties may have more luck at the Cooper-Hewitt venue. This venue still offers custom menus, but it has a meeting space and a Garden that can seat 600 people. Taralucci e Vino staff encourage party planners to consider their options when they pick their venue.

New York City is a beautiful place with many wonderful party venues. When planning your next party you should strongly consider every option.

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