Get Custom Made Recycled Flip Flops In Charleston, South Carolina

One young entrepreneur in Charleston, South Carolina is making custom fit flip flops from some very surprising materials. Instead of sourcing his materials from a factory, the flip flop cobbler uses old tires and polyurethane to make custom fit flip flops. You may think that the result would be cheap and not very durable flip flops with these materials. However the opposite is true.

Cooks Flips as the business is known does does business right outside in the streets of Charleston, South Carolina like a street vendor. You walk up to owner and you choose a cut of tire that fits you exact shoe size. You can measure your feet against the rubber. This way you are guaranteed an exact fit. No more loose or tight fits or having to settle with the closest size you can find at the store. Once you have chosen the size of the base, the owner threads through polyurethane to hold your feet in the sandal and machines the rubber. Polyurethane is a very durable material, it will not smell and is waterproof making it ideal for your shoes.

In addition to the comfortable, custom made fit and durability there are a host of other benefits coming from Cooks Flips in Charleston, South Carolina. Old tires and plastics are being reused. This cuts down on pollution and waste. The product is eco-friendly and hand made. Plus it is made in the USA right here and is assembled right before your eyes. Imagine if they did that for shoes. This man has a potentially huge idea here. Customize and have your shoes built right in front of your eyes. The only downside to these custom, recyclable and hand made flip flops is that they cost a whopping $90. Personally I will stick with store bought flip flops for now. Maybe if he can lower the price then I would consider buying a pair for myself.