Shogun Iemitsu Highlights Michael Zomber’s Love of Japanese Culture


On June 12th Michael Zomber talked on iUniverse podcast regarding his book “Shogun lemitsu.” Anyone who’s read this book can see his love of the Japanese culture and great interest in the general history of the world itself within the first few pages. Michael is a man of many interests and one of his greatest passions is antique arms. Those who enjoy the History Channel have probably seen him there, sharing his knowledge with the world. Though he can be credited with a documentary series on guns, they are not his only interest.


Michael Zomber also has great admiration for samurai swords and his way of telling a story through screenplays on this subject is legendary. As the author of Historical novels written on the subject of these swords he speaks in ways that make you want to read more of why these antique weapons are so highly regarded. Another way Zomber has of reaching out is through documentaries. Through “Soul of the Samurai,” he became an internationally respected historian who speaks of the past with a zeal that makes it come alive again. Well worth watching, even those who don’t particularly have an interest in history will pay attention in this documentary.


Michael Zomber, along with his wife Andrea are the owners of Renascent Films LLC. Since so much of history is violent, Michael also wanted to be associated with subjects of peace. He chooses the Bushido way of life, which comes as no surprise when one considers his love and respect for the Japanese culture. Zomber is surely a man of many talents. Often his work and other interests mix together into something truly exceptional.


Even as a philanthropist, Michael Zomber lives by the Bushido code of honor, discipline, and morality, providing examples of conduct the rest of us could do well to follow. Michael and Andrea are both public supporters of any organization that improves human life through de-escalation of violence, offering better health and education instead. Considering the keen intellect of a man like Zomber, combined with his drive and multiple talents, it should be interesting to see where his path leads him in the future.  For now, it’s definitely worth checking out Zomber’s collection of books on Barnes & Noble.