South Carolina Offers Freedom and Sales Tax Holiday to Citizens

Out of all the qualities to look for in a state, freedom – in all of its forms – has got to be at the top of the list. Interesting enough, South Carolina has been touted as the state that offers its residents more freedoms than many of the other state in the Union.

According to a recent study by the Cairo Institute , South Carolina ranks 15th for freedom offered to individuals residing within its borders. All 50 states were assessed according to a number of criteria believed to promote freedom levels. The main ones included economic restrictions, right to own firearms, marriage freedoms, and marijuana use.

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Delivering on their “freedom” image, South Carolina just offered a sales tax break to all of its citizen which ran from August 6th to August 8th.

The items that were exempt from state and local sales tax were as follows: computers, clothes and other school related items. South Carolina’s current sales tax rate is six percent and shoppers were able to save up to 8.5 percent depending on where they lived. The extra 2.5 percent accounted for local taxes.

Now this was a really generous gesture by South Carolina considering the state lost an enormous amount of money because of it. According to the Board of Education Advisors, South Carolina’s coffer revenues were reduced by approximately $2.25 million during this 3-day tax=free weekend. Shoppers were happy though, and so South Carolina was happy to lose a couple million in order to help its citizens save a few bucks.

See what South Carolina shoppers had to say about the tax-free weekend:

Aside from helping out its private citizens, South Carolina’s sales tax break was also a boon to local businesses. During the recent tax-free weekend a shopping spree ensued which increased local shop sales by significant margins. While the items on the sales tax exempt list included mostly back-to-school stuff, South Carolina’s generosity got shoppers in the buying mood and many other non-back-to-school purchases were were made. This brought a huge boost to local businesses who sold non-related school items.

You gotta love any state willing to help out its citizens and local businesses while losing money in the process. I guess South Carolina really takes its “freedom” reputation seriously.