Civil War Relics Could Tell Some Tales

When Hurricane Matthew came roaring onto the South Carolina coast, it unearthed some things that hadn’t seen the light of day for 150 years–about a dozen Civil War cannonballs.


The heavily-encrusted antiques were found on a beach on Folly Island near Charleston. Technicians came to make sure they were safe but couldn’t get to them right away because the tide was coming in. When low tide returns, the cannonballs will probably be exploded so they don’t harm anyone. Residents were asked to stay clear of the area.


Folly Island is near Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. The fort was then a Union garrison. Tensions had led to Southerners cutting off its supply lines, and on April 12, 1861, Confederate artillery opened fire on it. Southern civilians watched and cheered, and the fort soon surrendered


A Union attempt to regain Fort Sumter in 1863 led to its bombardment and near destruction. It remained in Southern hands until Sherman marched through the area in 1865, by which time the war was all but over.


Fort Sumter was an old fort when the Civil War started. Named after Revolutionary War general Thomas Sumter, it was built after the War of 1812 to protect Charleston Harbor. Now the fort is part of Sumter National Monument, which includes the original site, a visitors center and Fort Moultrie, part of a series of fortifications built on nearby Sullivan’s Island.


Maybe the cannonballs found on Folly Island are some of the very ones used to bombard Fort Sumter. They’re visitors from a former time and part of our history.

Clay Siegall- President and CEO leads Seattle to great success

Early in the year, Seattle Genetics under its CEO made a statement regarding a new employee status and a new drug pipeline. According to the CEO, the company has been taking several tests for its first commercialized drug Adcetris. The drug is going to be used in a wide range of situations. He went ahead to reveal that the drug has currently undergone 70 different trials that aim to treat multiple kinds of lymphomas.

The statements made by the CEO show that Seattle Genetics has been undertaking an advanced Phase 3 advanced clinical trial. The phase 3 trials include Adcetris as the major treatment for the recently detected Hodgkin Lymphoma. Seattle Genetics plans to develop another new set of 12 drugs that focus on cancer treatment. The company has voiced out on drug treatments such as a cure for breast cancer, two pairs of drugs to treat bladder cancer and another to treat myeloid leukemia. Apart from the additional drugs, Dr. Siegall gave an additional of the company’s plan to hire more employees. The company has a plan to hire 100 more employees and acquire 20 offices in Switzerland by the end of 2016.

Dr. Siegall assisted in the co-founding of Seattle Genetics in 1998. He has served as the company president for many years now. Through his leadership skills, Seattle Genetics has managed to build a wide base of antibody-based cancer therapies. Their main drug has been Adcetris. The drug has been highly used for several cancer treatment procedures.
Clay Siegall has been highly instrumental in the company as he has assisted the company in several fundraising activities. To date he managed to secure more than $675 million through several funding. The company is funded by major private and public institutions with a keen interest in cancer treatment and research.

Before finding, Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall worked in several research institutes that focused on cancer treatments. He today has more than 70 publications and has 15 patents. He has been the chairman of Seattle Genetics since 2004. He has seen the company to greater parts of innovation and greater paths of success.

Ways Seattle Genetics Is Dealing With the Cancer Menace

Seattle Genetics company CEO, Dr. Clay Siegall, recently announced that the company would embark on a massive recruitment and launch of new products. The company is one of the in conducting research on various lymphomas treatment drugs.

The company is experiencing tremendous growth in its venture to stop the spread of cancer in the world. Several people across America are suffering from cancer enhancing the need to discover drugs. Consequently, Seattle sales on Adcentris are overwhelming.

Adcentris is one of the best drugs produced and sold by Seattle Genetics. The company took the drug through over seventy clinical testing before releasing it to their customers. The intention of coming up with the drug was to help the organization fight with the cancer menace. Seattle is using the drug to treat different types of cancer that Seattle was unable to treat before as well as other new lymphomas.

The data collected shows that Canada and the US has a significantly growing number of lymphoma patients. Therefore, the company foresees making more Adcentris sales this year than in 2015.

Additionally, the Seattle Genetics is in the process of launching twelve anti-cancer drugs to supplement Adcentris. Bladder and Bladder related cancer are the major diseases targeted by the new drugs. However, the drugs are still under medical testing to ascertain their effectiveness. Some drugs are undergoing clinical research. Upon approval, one of the drugs under clinical trial, 33A will be treating myeloid cancer.

The organization believes that Adcentris will play a significant role in the treatment of cancer this year. To achieve this goal, the company plans to hire more personnel. The organization intends to employ at least a hundred employees. Also, the new staff will partake in clinical trials for the Adcentris among other cancer drugs.

The company has a tradition of recruiting yearly. Despite, Seattle having more than eight hundred employees, hiring more employees enhances their chances of achieving their long-term goals. Furthermore, they have many offices where the extra workers can operate.
Companies researching and gathering data on the lymphomas drugs should expedite the clinical testing process to save more lives.

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21st Century Biotechnology To Fight Cancer with Clay Siegall

Biotechnology has been around for many years dealing with food production, medicine, and agriculture, but during the late 20th Century to present time; bio-tech has expanded into science, immunology, and pharmaceutical tests. One of the most prominent and influential companies dealing in Cancer Therapy is Seattle Genetics Inc.
Seattle Genetics is an industry leader in antibody drug conjugates and focuses on the development & commercialization of antibody therapies for treating cancer. The company uses advanced technology (ADCs) Antibody Drug Conjugates, that delivers cell-killing properties straight into cancer cells. (SEA) Sugar Engineered Antibody Technology compliments (ADC) by increasing it’s potency of monoclonal antibodies inside the body. It’s like giving cancer cells a more powerful one-two punch. This innovative and empowered type of therapy truly improves the lives of people who suffer from cancer.
Operating a company under such high standards begins with great leadership and Seattle Genetics’ very own Dr. Clay B. Siegall has a resume of excellence to back-up any claims. Being the president and company CEO; Dr. Siegall built the foundation of scientific innovation. The passion for research and drug development has excelled the company to it’s present apex position for the development of (ADCs). Under the good doctor’s leadership, the company has licensed it’s ADC technology along with other prominent companies like Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKlien to generate over $325 million in sales to date.
Seattle Genetics live by one of their many mottos for “Moving From Promise To Practice In The Clinic.” –Clay Siegall That very motto is personified through clinical trials in areas such as treating autoimmune disease, solid tumors, blood cancers, and leukemia. All in all; The company further pushes for excellence in the world of cancer treatment therapy.

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