White Shark Media Specializes in Comprehensive Digital Marketing Assistance

White Shark Media is a widely known digital marketing firm that has North American offices in both Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. It also has an office in Europe in Aars, Denmark. The company was created by a group of Danish natives in 2011. These three individuals were all equipped with significant Internet and offline marketing expertise.

According to Clucth.co, White Shark Media’s management division includes hard-working executives such as Chief Executive Officer Gary Garth, SEO (search engine optimization) and web director Tony Soares, Chief Operations Officer Sonia Schwabsky, web product manager Bronson Harrington and client services director JC Hite.

Clients that need professional assistance with SEO and PPC (pay per click) often turn to the online marketing aficionados at White Shark Media. They offer in-depth specialties such as SEM (search engine marketing) management, local listings management, SEM assessments, logo design, PPC management and AdWords assessments. Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

White Shark Media routinely caters to the digital marketing requirements of businesses that are part of the dental and legal worlds. The company assists dental practices that want to bring in brand new patients. The company also assists law firms that are looking to bring in higher numbers of cases. White Shark Media has a number of accreditations and certifications. The firm is a Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. It’s also a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner.


The professionals at White Shark Media have offered their online marketing knowledge to a large selection of clients. The company has worked with prominent clients in locations all over the United States. White Shark Media has had clients in states such as New Mexico, Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Florida, Missouri and New Jersey.

The firm has even had clients from outside the nation in Canada. Although White Shark Media frequently works with dental and legal clients alike, the agency also routinely offers its assistance to organizations that aren’t part of either of those fields.

White Shark has clients that are part of industries such as real estate, healthcare, metal product manufacturing, swimming pool services, cosmetics, furniture, garbage removal, lawn care, landscaping, pets, consulting, ecommerce, cleaning, painting, transportation, travel, rentals, construction, recreation and information services.

People who are busy searching for high-quality and dependable digital marketing assistance can count 100 percent on the specialists who work for White Shark Media. They can contact the noted firm to request complimentary evaluations whenever they want.

Succeeding With White Shark Media

White Shark Media was founded originally in 2010 and is home to 144 employees. There are more than 600 clients who White Shark Media services. Their retention rate for their employees is around ten percent. Their revenue per year ranges between 3 and 5 million dollar. They offer mid level pricing compared to the average market rate.

White Shark Media offers a couple of ways for you to receive service. One method is the pay per click management services. They offer AdWords risk evaluation, this is a free service as well as a local website for your site at a low monthly cost. The use of Ecommerce management is also included. You will bring 29% of people to your website through the use of US search engines with Bing Management Ad services.

The website for your company or business will be available to you for a low monthly cost and ecommerce with click to call settings and call tracking will help you to keep track of who is coming and calling on the business front of the website. Google shopping and analytic campaigns will aid in support of the website/business you will be running from your home or business.

Studies have been done that show that with the help of White Shark Media, companies and businesses have succeeded due to the use of this company. If you are interested in hiring a new company to help boost your business or to aid in the startup of your company, consider using this company as they have been ranked well and many companies are now prospering because they opted to use this company. Research the company and see for yourself what others have to say about them and let their reputation speak for itself. They have got numerous positive reviews from all the clients. With that said, hope your business is on the path to success with White Shark Media’s help.

How My Site Got Ranked With The Help Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is an amazing marketing company that has done amazing well over the years with their marketing tactics and simplistic approach to success.

They have worked extensively hard to help business owners, website owners, and all sorts of people wanting more growth to attain page one rankings and also amazing marketing services.

How My Site Got Ranked With The Help Of White Shark Media

I got in touch with the company to ask about their current systems and marketing tactics. They have been able to change the industry in so many ways, and you will find that they have been able to discover the latest algorithms to achieve massive success for all customers. What I love most about them is that they are very results-driven, and they love making sure that all of their clients get the results they mainly paid for.

I asked them about what they can offer and what things they would recommend I do, and I found that they just love making sure that I am completely satisfied with the results. They recommended that I utilize their current SEO system in place and also take advantage of their new marketing program for Adwords. They both worked out efficiently and helped get me the amazing traffic I have always wanted, and the best part is that they took the time to really address every aspect of the process.

They are very responsive to all emails and have been very keen on answering what needs to be done. They have been very easy to work with in regards to the campaign, and they really took the time to show me reports of what they offered. I have been seeing massive growth and even continuous success with the rankings they have given me, and I continue to work with White Shark Media to make sure that my growth continues online.

SEO marketing any type of advertising needed is not always easy to do if you aren’t that experienced. Their team is very hands on with the process, and they take the time to handle all aspects of business. This company definitely knows what to do in the world, and you will be shocked how they are always one giant step ahead of the rest of the marketing industry, no wander they have got so much reviews from customers. If you need quality SEO and paid advertising done, this is definitely the company to hire considering their huge amount of experience.