Evacuations Possible In South Carolina Fire Rampage

With the wildfires burning in the North Carolina mountains, officials in South Carolina are starting to prepare for the possibility that the fires could spread to the state. Those who live to the south of the Pinnacle Mountain Fire or near the Table Rock Park should be prepared to evacuate with little notice. The Forestry Commission is recommending the evacuation so that firefighters can battle the fire with little interference from those who live in the area.


There are several churches that have opened their doors as shelters for those who need somewhere to go while the fire rages on in the area. There is no threat to homes at the time, but officials want to be on the safe side in the event that the fire line does inch closer. The fire at Table Rock Park now covers 1,400 acres. This is one of the largest fires in the state. The fire doubled in size in only a day, giving officials a cause for concern. Fire departments in the area have asked for donations of water bottles and food for those who are battling the fires as they don’t get long breaks while on the front lines. This is a way for communities to step up their efforts in letting the fire department know that they are protected and cared for so that they aren’t battling alone.