New Charleston Restaurant, Wild Hare Smokehouse, Opens

For fans of barbecue, Charleston is already a great place to be. It is always a bit of a thrill, though, to try out a new restaurant. Barbecue enthusiasts will have an appealing new restaurant option in the near future.

As reports, The Med Eatery and Bar in West Ashley will close on January 29. The following month, though, it will be replaced by The Wild Hare Smokehouse. The new restaurant will offer slow-cooked barbecue, including pork ribs, brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, and the like. The new restaurant will be led by chef Joseph Jacobson.

Little is known about the restaurant thus far, and details will surely follow soon. It is hard not to be impressed by the concept, though. Nothing beats slow-cooked barbecue, and it sounds like chef Jacobson and his team are serious about getting the experience right.

There is no question, though, that the new restaurant will have stiff competition. West Ashley is already home to several popular barbecue restaurants. Only time will tell whether The Wild Hare Smokehouse can compete against them. There is, however, room for competition. For serious barbecue fans, it is nice to have several restaurant options, and barbecue provides endless diversity.

If all goes well for the new restaurant, it will be hard to get a seat for the next few months. Many Charleston foodies will want to try out the new venue and make up their own minds about the food it fofers.

The restaurant business is tough, as demonstrated by the closing of The Med Eatery. Let’s hope that The Wild Hare Smokehouse provides a level of quality and service that will create loyalty among its customers, while offering some unique barbecue in Charleston.


New Incarnation of The Granary Set to Open at 835 Coleman Blvd., Charleston

Charleston is fortunate to have many restaurant options and a wide array of styles of food. Fans of Southern cooking and fresh seafood will want to take note of an upcoming relocation.

As reported by, The Granary closed its location in Belle Hall last December and is in the process of relocating to 835 Coleman Blvd. The new location is scheduled to open in February. It will feature Southern dishes and seafood, as well as favorite dishes from the restaurant’s prior incarnation, prepared under the direction of Brannon Florie, the executive chef.

It is unclear why The Granary’s management chose to change locations. Presumably, the owners expect to get more foot traffic in their new place. For a restaurant, though, it can be risky to make a geographic move, because the restaurant must attract new regular customers to stay in business. For whatever reason, it appears that the original Belle Hall location was not providing adequate business.

The Granary is retaining its original name and branding, though. This indicates that the owners believe that at least some of the restaurant’s faithful customers will follow the restaurant to its new location to continue enjoying its signature dishes. These loyal customers could be joined by many more. Ultimately, the business could survive and flourish with new customers.

Regardless of the business motivations for the move, The Granary will provide a fresh, new option on Coleman Blvd. Fans of Southern cuisine will undoubtedly want to give the restaurant a try. It will be interesting to see what new dishes the restaurant adds to its repertoire as it settles in to a new neighborhood and a new building.


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Lands UN Ambassador Position

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was speedily confirmed on January 24 as Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations.


During her hearing, she faced an onslaught of questions from the opposing Democrats over her lack of experience with global affairs and international policy. She also received some praise for her stances on issues like Russia and UN action toward Israel.


She said, “Russia is trying to show their muscle right now…I don’t think we can trust them.”


Aside from the Russia comment, she has also shown a bit of an adversarial attitude toward President Donald Trump’s other stances as well. She opposes the Muslim registry and a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States. She also advocated for the NATO alliance and claimed she would stand up to President Trump on that issue.


On areas where she does agree with Trump, she supports moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a controversial move since both Isreal and Palestine stake claim to Jerusalem. She also doesn’t seem to support heavy handedness against Israel, speaking out against Obama’s decision to abstain from the recent UN Security Council vote against illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.


It’s perhaps this mix of agreements with Democrats and Republicans and a willingness to stand up to the massive wildcard that is Donald Trump that landed her an overwhelming confirmation in her hearing. Only four senators voted against her, notably Bernie Sanders who ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.


Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster will take her place as governor to serve out the remaining two years of her term.



Attempted Robbery Leads To Drug Bust?

It may never be known why a group of young men went to an apartment of strangers armed with guns. The occupants of the apartment heard someone coming up the stairs outside and immediately confronted the group. Antwan Grant, Malik Washington and Joshua Davis opened the front door of the apartment and confronted the group of young men. One of the gentleman yelled back at Davis and brandished a gun. Joshua Davis fired at the group of men and one of them fired back.

The altercation provoked neighbors to call the police. They engaged the members of the apartment and the group of men who were fleeing the scene. Several violations occurred during the pursuit. The young men fleeing the apartment crashed into a motorist. They were apprehended and charged with a number of crimes including discharging a firearm.

Police were also motivated to investigate the apartment where the incident began. They obtained a warrant and found drug paraphernalia including marijuana and cocaine. The members of the apartment were charged with possession and intent to distribute. There were also charges brought for firing their weapons at the group of men who came to the apartment.

There is no logical explanation as to why a group of strangers approached an apartment armed with guns. Davis, Washington and Grant obviously felt threatened. They reacted as if they were protecting everything they had. Ironically, their actions only inspired the investigation that led to their arrest.

The oldest occupant of the apartment was Joshua Davis. He is 24 years old. Malik Washington and Antwan Grant are each 18 years old and facing charges that will place them in prison for a large part of their young adult lives.

The men who fled the scene were also charged with crimes. Police have not revealed their motives for approaching the apartment.


Henry McMaster Becomes Governor Of South Carolina

Henry McMaster is going to become the next Governor of South Carolina. Many say that McMaster played his political hand perfectly. He initially ran against Governor Nikki Haley in a losing effort. He decided to then run for the Lieutenant Governor position and serve under Governor Haley. McMaster continued to make moves. He caused a stir by lending his support to Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Donald Trump was a controversial choice at the time. However, he eventually won the Presidential election.

Governor Nikki Haley was critical of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. That did not stop the new President from securing her services as Ambassador to the United Nations. Her appointment to this position means that she will have to vacate the office of Governor. It puts Henry McMaster right in the position he originally wanted to be in.

McMaster will be finishing Nikki Haley’s second term as Governor. It becomes official once she is sworn in as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He will then be free to run for the Governor’s office as the incumbent.

Henry McMaster never shied away from his endorsement of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. This caused a stir among the Republicans of South Carolina. Trump was not a popular choice for their party at the time. McMaster was taking a tremendous risk by putting his faith in an outsider such as Trump. The Governor at the time supported another Republican candidate. Nikki Haley put her initial support behind Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio was campaigning out of Florida and posed one of the biggest threats to Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy. The 69 year old McMaster will become the 117th governor of South Carolina. Staying close to his former rival proved to be Henry McMasters best move. Governor Nikki Haley’s success eventually paved the way for his own.


Nikki Haley To Become Ambassador To The United Nations

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina has been selected as the Ambassador to the United Nations by a unanimous decision. Members of the electing committee had concerns about Hayley’s international experience. However, her interview process went over very well. Her position was easily approved. Nikki Haley is a two-term Governor of South Carolina and will be relieved of her duties by Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster.

Haley fielded an assortment of questions on several sensitive issues. Russia was a key topic and Haley did not back down from her views on the subject. She stated that she believes Russia is trying to “show their muscle” She doesn’t believe that they should be trusted by the administration. However, Governor Haley does understand that the United States must find a working relationship with the nation in order to combat terrorism in the Middle East. Her stance on the Filipino President was also very stern. Governor Haley stated that the actions of the Philippine’s leader go against the nature of human rights and should not be tolerated. Israel was yet another prickly topic of discussion. Nikki Haley did not hesitate to criticize the Obama administration for allowing the America’s relationship with Israel to deteriorate. She believed that sanctions on the country are to severe while other areas of the world are committing worse atrocities.

Nikki Haley gained publicity during the Republican debates by being very critical of candidate Donald Trump. She was not afraid to give her opinion on some of his controversial rhetoric. She also openly supported Trump’s opponent Marco Rubio during the campaigns. However, the current administration thought highly of the South Carolina Governor and sought her services in the new White House. Her appointment will cut her governorship of South Carolina two years short once she is appointed to the position of Ambassador to the United Nations.


McMaster Takes Over as South Carolina Governor

On January 24, Henry McMaster was officially sworn in as the governor of South Carolina. This change in power was necessitated after former governor Nikki Haley was appointed to become the US ambassador to the United Nations. McMaster’s term as governor began just moments after the US Senate approved Haley’s confirmation.


Becoming governor is just the latest political move that McMaster has made. Trained as a lawyer, he was a US attorney for South Carolina in the early 1980s. Then president Ronald Reagan appointed him for that position. From 1994 to 2001, he was chairman of the state’s Republican Party. He worked as the South Carolina Attorney General from 2003 to 2011. In 2014, he was elected to be lieutenant governor. During that primary race, he was challenged by a number of other candidates and only earned his party’s nomination after winning a run-off. At 69 years old, he could run for governor when the current term expires in 2018.


McMaster was born and raised in South Carolina. He received a BA in history from the University of South Carolina, where he was active in student government. He went on to attend the university’s law school and was admitted to the South Carolina Bar. He briefly served in the US Army Reserves, receiving an honorable discharge in 1975.


One of his first jobs was as a legislative assistant to Senator Strom Thurmond. He also worked in private practice and as a federal prosecutor. He unsuccessfully ran for Senate in 1986 and for lieutenant governor in 1990.


School Buses in South Carolina Are Old and Outdated

Every parent worries about their child when they go to school. Parents are leaving their child in the care of the school system in their particular city. These people assume that the buses used to transport their children to and from school are always kept in a condition that keeps them running safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, schools all over the state of South Carolina are using outdated school buses that are more than three decades old.


As you might expect, the main reason why the school buses in South Carolina have become so old and outdated comes down to money. Many of the state’s politicians have been focusing on other issues that they believe to be more important than figuring out how to get money to purchase new school buses. This critical issue has been put on the back burner for far too long. Now parents are becoming concerned that sending their children off to school in buses that are very old could be dangerous. At last, state legislators are hearing their pleas.


Molly Spearman is the School Superintendent for South Carolina. She is proposing a budget that allows 1,000 buses to be leased with the intent of eventually buying them. This would not completely solve the problem. However, it is seen by many concerned parents as a definite step in the right direction after years of inaction from politicians. Unfortunately, Spearman’s budget must be approved by the legislature of the state. There is no guarantee this will happen. It will be back to square one if her budget is rejected. As you might expect, the safety of the old buses is not the only concern. The high cost of maintaining old vehicles that require constant repairs is also a major issue. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.




South Carolina is not a Romantic State, According to New Research

A longitudinal survey conducted by psychologists at Michigan State University indicates that South Carolina is not exactly the most effusive state in terms of romance.


The research study specifically focused on two emotional conditions known as attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance. In South Carolina, 127,000 were surveyed on their opinions about these feeling, and many of them stated that these are naturally found in relationships. Psychologists believe that these are not healthy attitudes, and thus people who do not think too much about these emotions are deemed to be better lovers.


The most romantic state is Mississippi; the least romantic is North Dakota. South Carolina came in seventh place behind North Carolina. Other romantic states include Delaware, California, Utah, and Vermont.


The state that uses “Virginia is for Lovers” as its tourism motto did not score as high as expected and is currently ranked in the middle. It is interesting to note that Mississippi has one of the lowest rates of per capita income and one of the highest poverty levels.


States that ranked at the bottom of the survey are all located in the Great Plains. Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota are not very romantic states. There is no clear correlation between geography and romantic relationships, although it is interesting to note that the lowest scores on the survey were concentrated in the Great Plains. Some people who enjoy living by themselves are known to move to the mountains closer to the Great Plains; states with higher costs of living are known to attract couples earning two incomes.


A family doctor interviewed by the South Carolina Post and Courier explained that people have always been gregarious and in search of relationships, which is why quantifying romantic emotions and connecting them to individual states or regions can be difficult.



Senator Tom Davis’ Proposal to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Leading Republicans in support for medical marijuana are set to table a motion that will allow people to possess and use the drug. However, it should be prescribed by a doctor in South Carolina. Senator Tom Davis said that his proposal was motivated by other states that have successfully legalized medical marijuana. He claims to have bipartisan support and many cosponsors.


A study carried out by Winthrop Poll found out that 78 percent of the respondents support the proposal. Davis said that his plan was enjoying massive support currently. Davis’ journey to legalize medical marijuana commenced in 2014. He tabled a bill that later became law. The law allowed medical practitioners to prescribe marijuana-derived oil to patients. Moreover, the law makes it lawful for any resident of South Carolina to possess the oil.


Davis was confident that the new bill was going to increase the use of medical marijuana. The drug is set to be treated like any other controlled medication. He noted that it would be the duty of the state of South Carolina to cultivate process, manufacture, dispense, and monitor its consumption. Davis also looked at the economic aspect of the proposal. He stated that the fees the state will receive from growers and dispensaries would be used to pay off other expenses incurred by the state.


28 states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana. Legalization of medical marijuana would have come earlier in South Carolina. However, the state did not have the funds to facilitate the 1980 act. Davis hopes that his proposal will receive the support of the Senate because the proposal will prevent marijuana from leaving the system and being abused in the streets. His proposal to track the plant from cultivation to dispensing and labeling of the drug will ensure its proper use.