Handy Cleaning Services Keeps Trucking As HomeJoy Runs Out of Gas

Handy Cleaning Services is one of the top cleaning service businesses in the country, and many customers are loyal to this business. There are some other companies that specialize in cleaning, but few companies provide the different types of services that Handy Cleaning Services specializes in. It is true that this is a cleaning company, but it has evolved into so much more over the years. People are fans of Handy Cleaning Services because this business has handy contracted workers that can do an assortment of things.

HomeJoy possessed the same type of skilled workers, but this company took a wrong turn and now HomeJoy is filling for bankruptcy and closing the doors. It was a sharp blow for a company that had so much promise, but it was inevitable because the company tried to change the rules after the game had already started. Some employees left; other employees became disgruntled. In the end HomeJoy would become an organization that would fail because the company lost the original identity that it started with.

Handy Cleaning Services, by contrast, has expanded in such a huge way. This company has become one of those organizations that is moving forward with new clients. All of this is the result of the company leaders and the way that they have chosen to run this business. Handy Cleaning Services is expanding through the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. People are thrilled about having the ability to book services online, and it shows that this company has built solid teams of contractors around the globe.

Sometimes it can be a rather daunting task to have so many workers with so many different personalities that are required to perform the same tasks. Luckily, the hiring executives that are in place are connecting with contractors that have a good work history. Solid background checks are being done and customers feel safe when they have Handy Cleaning contractors in their home. This is what has allowed the company to expand so easily over the years. It would seem that the best is yet to come for Handy.

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