New Incarnation of The Granary Set to Open at 835 Coleman Blvd., Charleston

Charleston is fortunate to have many restaurant options and a wide array of styles of food. Fans of Southern cooking and fresh seafood will want to take note of an upcoming relocation.

As reported by, The Granary closed its location in Belle Hall last December and is in the process of relocating to 835 Coleman Blvd. The new location is scheduled to open in February. It will feature Southern dishes and seafood, as well as favorite dishes from the restaurant’s prior incarnation, prepared under the direction of Brannon Florie, the executive chef.

It is unclear why The Granary’s management chose to change locations. Presumably, the owners expect to get more foot traffic in their new place. For a restaurant, though, it can be risky to make a geographic move, because the restaurant must attract new regular customers to stay in business. For whatever reason, it appears that the original Belle Hall location was not providing adequate business.

The Granary is retaining its original name and branding, though. This indicates that the owners believe that at least some of the restaurant’s faithful customers will follow the restaurant to its new location to continue enjoying its signature dishes. These loyal customers could be joined by many more. Ultimately, the business could survive and flourish with new customers.

Regardless of the business motivations for the move, The Granary will provide a fresh, new option on Coleman Blvd. Fans of Southern cuisine will undoubtedly want to give the restaurant a try. It will be interesting to see what new dishes the restaurant adds to its repertoire as it settles in to a new neighborhood and a new building.