The Society of Vintners Shapes UK Wine Market

The Society of Vintners has 25 members in the UK. The 25 members are family owned independent businesses that want to promote good wine and competitive prices. Wines are shipped to France, Germany, Italy, California, Spain,New Zealand,South Africa,Chile,and Argentina. This organization owes its start to the Nottingham Wine Buying Group and Allied Wine Buyers Consortium.

In the 1970’s five Nottingham wine merchants met and formed the Nottingham Wine Buying Group. The purpose was to compete in the market more effectively. Over time they admitted many vineyards and vintners throughout the United Kingdom. In the 1960 two merchants formed the Allied Wine Buyers Consortium that had 20 members south of England and the Midlands. They approached the Nottingham Wine Buying Group with an offer for the the two groups to join together.

The two groups joined together and now The Society of Vintners has 25 members that includes England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands. They have a Chief Executive working from Sussex and committees working on promoting specific wine regions. The committees meet for wine tasting and purchasing about four times a year. They try to promote and market what the committees recommends.

The Society of Vintners ( focuses on on quality rather than just prices. This makes it different than many buying groups. Group members benefits from other members skills in different aspects of wine making. We help members keeping overhead low and making the best products possible. Members can talk with other vintners and importers several times a year in the UK.

Vintners throughout the UK and wine drinkers everywhere have benefited with the increased use of table wine. Since the Single European market was introduced wine consumption has increased in the UK each year. Independent wineries bring new products more quickly to the shelf. They say that in the UK consumers are more willing to try different types of wines than other countries.

The bulk of the membership of the Society of Vintners is from the UK. It is a combination of UK vintners, shippers and importers. The Society of Vintners has a special blend of knowledge and buying power that helps shape the UK wine market.

Crafting A Varied Wine Collection With The Assistance Of UK Vintners

Wines come in many different varieties. Many people love to spend time discovering the differences between a Pinot Noir and a Rioja. They love to explore why a sweet Riesling from Germany might be a better choice for the end of a meal than a Petite Sirah. The world of wine offers endless vintages and opportunities to sample varied grapes from around the world. Part of being able to enjoy wine is to have many different kinds of wines on hand. Assembling a wine collection is easier than ever with the help of UK Vintners. Many UK vintners are happy to demonstrate to their clients the glories of a Malbec or a Moscato. With guidance from UK vintners (also known as UKV PLC), this means that any client can examine wine types of closely and decide which ones they want to keep in their own homes. A buyer may realize that they prefer wines with a bit more spice or one that has all kinds of complicated flavors that can be savored with a slice of fine cheddar.

Studying The Subject Further

Learning about wines is easy with help from wine sellers like Best Of Wines. Such sellers typically offer all kinds of ways to learn to enjoy wine. One person may find that they love drinking whites while someone else finds they adore the red wines. Many UK vintners have special wine clubs that people to join to refine their own tastes even further. This is the case at the Humble Grape where people can join clubs that introduce people to vintages they may not have sampled before. This is one of the best ways for anyone to discover what particular brands of wine really appeal to them. Crafting a collection of wine is easier when consulting with wine sellers like Highbury Vintners ( where the emphasis is on importing international wines for people to sample. This allows the buyer to get a real feel for the kind of wines they might like in order to determine which ones are best to add to their own personal home collection.

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A Proper Wine Collection

Once a buyer has a feel for the specific kinds of wines they like, they can then start the process of assembling a collection that will serve them well. Many people begin with a few bottles of wine and then go from there. A small selection can be ideal for those who may only drink a glass or two each week. People who entertain on a regular basis might wish to consider creating a much larger selection. This allows them to pick out which wines will work for the kind of dinners they want to have. One course might call for the use of wines with more understated notes while another might call for the use of something that has bolder and more assertive flavors. When someone has a varied wine collection, they need not rush out at the last minute to get the bottles they might need for their planned dinner party.