Turmoil Continues In Venezuela As Rioting And Looting Increase

With over 400 individuals arrested for looting and inciting riots, civil unrest continues throughout Venezuela. Turmoil continues to plague the country nationwide as failed economic policies, political chaos, and energy disruptions tighten its grip on the frustrated population. The murder rate is increasing as government security forces seek to control crowds engaged in political demonstrations, violence, and looting.
Several social media sites like Twitter report deaths in the Sucre state capital of Cumana, but local officials dismissed the deaths being associated with widespread looting. Interviewed by a local television station, regional governor Luis Acuna remarked, “There were only 400 people arrested and the deaths were not linked to the looting.”

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, a prosecutor in Merida, started an investigation into the death of a 17-year-old teenager during looting rampages in the western state of Andrean. The civil unrest is not limited to just civilians, with a law enforcement official and soldier arrested in two separate murder investigations. The local Socialist Party office came under attack, with furniture destroyed.

As Venezuela continues to endure rolling blackouts, food shortages, and political anarchy, looting continues, according to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, a monitoring organization, overseeing the nationwide chaos.

Political opposition leaders point the finger of blame, for the current state of the country, at President Nicolas Maduro. They claim that socialist economic mandates are driving the country into depression and are demanding a referendum to recall Maduro from office.