A Global leader Company in Technology Announces New App “the Securus Video.”

Secure Technologies was founded in 1986 with an objective of connecting inmates with their loved ones, enabling learning environment to understand civil and criminal justice technology solutions. It is the world leader in offering Public Safety drawing the effort through innovations and acquisitions that furthered their goal in providing Higher and keeping pace with the changes in today’s technology. Secure Technologies has corrective and law administration agencies offering cooperative intellect that makes them unchallengeable lead generation.

Securus is second to YouTube in offering the world’s largest communication provider platform embed with unique features that is compatible with many devices and creates a user-friendly environment. Secure Technologies distances itself from competing partners by being committed to improvement accommodating 140 patents and giving edge by investing in research and development. It offered incident management and emergency response when needs arose and ensured secure public information delivery. Presently Secure Technology involves serving more than 1.2 million inmates across North America and rendering services to over 3,400 corrections facilities, law implementation agencies, and Public Safety.

Recently as reported by Crunchbase, Securus Technologies unveiled an application that is secure for making video call that offers features that are compatible with Android and iPhone tablet and mobile users. The App is designed for inmate video phone calls giving visitation processes that allow room to include family and friends in the video call. Russell Roberts, the Vice President of Secure Technologies, points out that the Application offers a new dimension in serving and connecting with relatives and friends in a user-friendly environment.

Securus has invested massively in including a variety of options to the user like enabling mobility in video calling visitation that governs the rigidity found in jails and prisons during inmate phone calls making the call straightforward and helpful. According to PR Newswire’s app review, Securus app is free in google play and was rated most downloaded with over 60,000 downloads for Android users in less than six months and 5,000 times within one week for iPhone users.

See https://vimeo.com/securustechnologies.