Nutrimost Suing Over Pirated Media

One of the most successful diet plans in recent history in the industry is suing a rival because they say that they stole a video from their website for their own promotional purposes. The company, Nutrimost, has a lot of success lately thanks to their “Nutrimost Resonant Frequency“. The company offers a weight loss plan to its clients that is an alternative to plans that ask them to take medication in order to lose weight. The success of the company is what lead Healthy Living to allegedly pirate the video off of their website.

Nutrimost is a health and weight loss company that is dedicated to keeping people away from prescription drugs to deal with things like weight loss and even when they are overused for pain. They offer a physician-guided method for people to lose weight. This has attracted a lot of new clients to the program that are looking for a new alternative way to lose weight quickly.

The program has led to some great results for people. Their customer testimonials can be seen in both the Nutrimost and the Healthy Living promotional videos. This is part of the claim that Nutrimost is making against their rival company. They say that the only real difference between the two videos is the fact that the main advertising slogan “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” had been changed to “Can’t Lose Diet Plan” in the new version of the video.

Healthy Living was sent a cease and desist letter by the plaintiff last year in October. They basically ignored the letter except for the fact that they posted a slightly more edited version of the video. Nutrimost is now suing the company for $300,00 in damages to their financial bottom line and their reputation. Neither side has commented on the lawsuit at this point.