Who is Editing Your Wikipedia Page?

Staying on top of information flow and online reputation is a critical part of a business and personal life in the twenty-first century. The days of post it and forget it are long gone and not monitoring information can cost a business their reputation or even cause the business to close. There are multitudes of information sites where potential consumers can learn more about a business, of these Wikipedia is the best known. Because of its status as an open-source community, anyone can edit or make a Wikipedia page. Since a Wikipedia page is usually in one of a Google searches top five spots, a good Wikipedia page serves as a free search engine optimization tool for businesses. While committed volunteers do edits with good intentions focusing on improving the compilation, the potential exists for malevolent Wiki edits, which can harm an individual or a company.

An example of how easy it is to edit a Wikipedia page is the Twitter account; @congressedits collects instances of anonymous United States Congress Wikipedia edits. Ed Summers, a software developer, created the Twitter account that collects every change made to Wikipedia pages by anyone anonymously using a congressional computer. His goal was open access to the work of Congress. Often the changes are simple and straightforward. If a congressional representative is not re-elected, an edit on their Wikipedia page notes the change. Occasionally, edits can be malicious and cause damage, if this can happen under the watchful eye of the United States Government, who is safe from the edits?

For this reason, it is wise for individuals and businesses to employ a service to monitor and update their Wikipedia page. Wikipedia frowns upon self-promotion and companies who make their own pages filled with too many advertisements and superlatives risk deletion. One reliable service with a proven record of accomplishment and success is Get Your Wiki. When you hire a Wikipedia expert from Get Your Wiki they will create, format, reference, and update a Wikipedia page for their clients. Monitoring is especially important, and the service offers the option of vetting edits to a page in real time. This confirms that every rewrite is correct. Because a Wikipedia page is a representative of an individual or business, it is critical that its information is up to date, and properly sited. Wikipedia is also an archive of information; therefore, historical accuracy is vital. Get Your Wiki also offers a translation service allowing multi-lingual attention to a page.

Online information is easily and quickly available to virtually anyone anywhere who has a computer hooked into the web. Do not risk becoming a victim, take steps to protect your Wikipedia page.