The Mentality of Susan McGalla

One thing that could be said for Susan McGalla is that she has a great mentality when it comes to the business world as well as other aspects of life. For one thing, she is a successful woman. However, this is not what has gained her the attention. One thing that has gained her the attention is how she feels about being a woman that is successful in the industry on For one thing, she does not see herself as a woman in the business world. She sees herself as a person. She also sees other people, male and female as people.

This is what makes it easier for her to say things to women that are worth listening to. Where other successful women tend to pander to the crowd, Susan McGalla makes sure that she gives women the tools and the principles of success. These principles could be applied to anyone. Susan McGalla has applied these herself and it has not only helped her navigate the world that is mostly male based, but has also landed her in leadership positions on in various jobs. She is one person that did not feel entitled to anything. She has decided that it is better to work for something and prove her worth.

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One thing that has helped her develop the productive mentality was her upbringing. Her father was a coach, and one of the things he has made it clear to her was that there is no male or female. Susan McGalla was not given any slack on the basis of her gender. This has helped McGalla’s build the mentality of working hard and achieving goals.

Susan McGalla is someone that a lot of people could learn from. In a world that is full of entitled people who just sit around and make demands or lament on about how life has dealt them a bad hand, Susan McGalla looks at the hand that she was dealt and plays her hand the best that she could. She uses a lot of wisdom. As a result, she finds herself in a much better position than before.

Branches and Roots: Building an Empire with a Heart

Malini Saba’s rise to the top is a textbook Cinderella story, both beautiful and inspiring. Huffington Post’s snapshot of her career and life is just that-a brief glimpse of a full life of commitment. The founder and chairman of Saban, an investment firm with international interests, Malini Saba is a forward-looking investor with a keen eye for potential. Her firm invests in technology companies, oil and gas sources, and real estate. But her interests are not confined to the business world.

Her passion for impoverished women prompted her to create “Stree”, a non-profit in 2001. Stree is an organization whose mission is to revolutionize the way low-income and at-risk women see themselves and access vital services such as healthcare and legal empowerment. Additionally, Stree provides these women with a means with which they can be a part of public policy in Africa, Central America, India, and Eastern Europe. Stree was inaugurated by Former President Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor. Aside from her grassroots organization, in June 2005 Ms. Saba donated $1 million to bring the world’s first Heart Research Venter for South Asians to life at El Camino Hospital in Mountainview, California. Her charity doesn’t stop there. The catastrophic Tsunamis of 2004 ravaged areas of India and Sri Lanka, leaving a swath of damage and desolation in its wake. Once again seeing need, Ms. Saba donated $10 million to the victims to aid in the nations’ recovery.

Ms. Saba’s history is as incredible as her work. She was born in Malaysia to Sri Lankan parents, and grew up in Australia. At 19 she moved to the United States with $200 to her name. Her career in investing had its start at Stanford University where she sat in on classes for free with her former husband, who was a student there at the time. She made her way into investor meetings, absorbing information like a sponge. As she reached out to the pros, she used her savings to slowly build her own portfolio in telecommunications, commodities, and real estate. Her business slowly blossomed, growing into a company with international connections that deal in technology, oil and gas, and real estate. Now, Malini works hard to maintain her company’s success, waking at 5am to participate in conference calls in Asia. As busy as her day is however, she has an undeniable commitment to her daughter, whom she walks to school with and picks up from school every day.