The Enigma That is Helane Morrison

Update: October 27, 2016 – Helane Morrison has recently been noted as a “Person on the Move” by BizJournals. To view the page detailing her accolades, click here.

It takes much dedication, sacrifice, and hard work to make it in the corporate world. However, when you are a woman in a predominantly male dominated field, these three factors are barely enough to guarantee success.

Women in the corporate world have to contend with stereotypes of all kinds. They also have to strike a balance between their personal lives and their jobs. It’s, therefore, astonishing to see the likes of Helane Morrison defying all odds and climbing to the top of the corporate ladder.

Helane Morrison has achieved the perfect blend of three professions; Law, Administration, and Journalism. She started out in Journalism after completing her Bachelor’s Degree at the Northwestern University. Her passion for legal studies led her to the University of California- Berkeley School of her Law degree. While pursuing her studies, she took up the role of senior editor at the California Law Review.

The long academic journey became her springboard to success. Currently, she assumes a plethora of responsibilities at Hall Capital Partners. For the past eight years, she has been a Managing Director at the firm besides doubling up as Lead Legal Counsel and the Chief Compliance Officer.

The compliance role is of particular importance because she makes sure the firm meets all legal requirements and all employees align to the goals of the business. Before she joined Hall Capital, Ms. Morrison served as a regional director for the Securities and Exchange Commission department in San Francisco. Her roles here included regulatory oversight, enforcement of securities and litigation. She also spoke on behalf of the Department in dealings with other government agencies and the business community as described in her company profile.


Throughout her career, Helane’s attention to compliance and regulatory matters earned her the reputation of an iron lady. As an administrator at SEC, she once vowed to keep rogue operators such as the online brokerage firms based in the San Francisco region. Interestingly, Helane Morrison was the first female head of the regional office. At one point, she flagged a company on the grounds of insider trading. See some of the statements she made on the accused company here

Helane Morrison has become an authority figure on compliance matters in the corporate world of San Francisco and beyond. Meanwhile, she keeps a watchful eye on the daily proceedings at Hall Capital, and the company exhibits exemplary performance.

Helane has chartered the movement for better work hours, more paid time off and a more balanced work-home life within Hall Capital. She has petitioned for longer, paid maternity leave as well as paid paternity leave for employees of the company so that they can enjoy what matters most and come back to work with a refreshed mind and energized for the work ahead.


As Helane Morrison is one of three prominent female authority figures at the company, she is contributing to breaking the glass ceiling and leading by example. She is encouraging women to follow suit and gain confidence in their accomplishments and rise to the top of their industries, even if they are the first of their gender to be there. This was the case with her role at the SEC and she remains an exemplary model many young women look up to when shaping their own careers.

Outside of work, Helane is involved in the Regional Parks Foundation in her town of San Francisco. As an avid outdoors-person, Helane spends much of her free time perusing the parks in her local neighborhood and wanted to participate in efforts to keep these havens clean and safe. She joined the board and also takes part of multiple drives and efforts to free parks of debris and keep them well-maintained. This is a space where families often come to enjoy time with each other and Helane knows keeping them focused on that is important.


Leopoldo López Reveals His Platform For Leading Venezuela

President Maduro’s seat as President of Venezuela has not been vacated and already Leopold López together with David Osio is campaigning to be their next president. If Maduro resigns as president, it will save the country from great calamity. It won’t be a quick and easy fix to the problems that Venezuela is now facing. López has thought long and hard about where to begin when there is no issue that is more important of all the issues. López has decided to name three items to begin with. He wants to reform the democratic and governace institutions. The former mayor believes that the system of checks and balances has been tampered with and needs to be restored. The courts need to be run by considering the equal rights of everyone. He thinks this is the main reason why the country has so many problems.
Leopold López, secondly, wants the country to become unified between people of all social classes. He says that the wealthy are against the poor, capitalist is against socialist, and pro-government is against anti-government.

Thirdly, Leopold López wants to restore global confidence between Venezuela and other countries around the world. He wants to rebuild the damaged relationship between the South American country and the world banks,the Organization of American States, and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. López believes that these three things alone won’t completely solve the major crisis, but it’s a beginning.