IAP Worldwide Services Offers Instant Disaster Management Services

Background of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is the world’s top provider of global-scale logistics, asset management, professionals, and technical services. With over 2,000 staff in over 25 countries, IAP Worldwide Services attends to both the private and public sectors. Its corporate offices are located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. For IAP, field specialists engage the unexpected events ranging from overseas warfare and natural calamities to meet the needs of its customers. IAP Worldwide Services works round the clock to ensure that its emergency response team responds at a moment’s notice. They leverage their extensive experience in planning and managing projects during disaster clean-up. IAP’s team maintains, manages, and operates military installations, public amenities, and temporary research laboratories. Over the years, IAP Worldwide Services offers experts and program management to support workforce flexibility in the world.

For over sixty years, IAP Worldwide Services has built a reputation as an active and reliable market leader in disaster management. IAP Worldwide Services strives to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering personalized services and solutions. For IAP, what makes customers restless encourages its staff to work tirelessly. As such, IAP’s team stands out the pact amid increased competition in the industry. At IAP, workers adopt clients’ missions as theirs when channeling their commitment, belief, and expertise into unique solutions and desirable results.

IAP Worldwide Services defines itself by how it treats customers and the society. According to IAP, it is important to address customers with respect and showing gratitude to the community. When you partner with IAP, their staffs take up your goals as theirs and do not rest until they deliver the desired results. IAP Worldwide Services commits to serving their clients, employees, and the society with purpose and ingenuity.

With a focus on developing solutions and services to address diverse, complex challenges encountered by its customers, IAP collaborates with over 100 disaster management firms in the United States and across the world. IAP Worldwide Services believes in partnerships that add an impact to its services. Ranging from airfields to healthcare facilities, IAP Worldwide Services provides global-scale services to strengthen the United States’ institutions while providing safety. IAP Worldwide Services combines verified technology and expertise to empower local security agencies to execute tasks in dynamic environments. IAP supports nongovernmental agencies, energy companies, and international organizations working in austere and rural places. Leveraging immense experience in planning and implementation of different projects, IAP Worldwide Services has been instrumental in the development of infrastructure in the United States.

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“IAP – Making a difference around the world…”

For more than 60 years, IAP (Integrity and Purpose) Worldwide Services has been a leading provider of worldwide logistics, facilities supervision as well as technical and professional application. With a workforce of more than 2000, individuals disperse around the world; they help find the solutions to difficult problems the public and private sectors might face.

These employees work with unforeseen issues from natural calamities to utilizing their best judgment on battlegrounds overseas. They adopt their cutting-edge skills on Facebook to complete their customers’ mission. You could say – they are ready, willing and able to do the jobs others are not capable to perform, properly.

In the recent natural disaster of Hurricane Matthew, IAP Worldwide Services were there to provide emergency backup such as power and support for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). During the Katrina and Sandy crisis, they employed and maintained generators for power as well as systematically assigned personnel to subsidize communications efforts.

IAP Worldwide Services is continually looking for workers, who are enthusiastic about their future and want to make a positive change in the world. They are an inclusive employer, in which they offer opportunities to everyone that qualifies; it does not matter if you are a minority, woman, veteran or an individual with disabilities. You can find listings in fields on iapws.com such as accounting and finance, customer service, engineering, construction, general management, computer-related and technology, human resources and transportation and logistics.

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They also invest in their employees, so they will have the necessary skill and resources to perform their jobs proficiently as well as safely. There credo is“respect, responsibility, integrity, ingenuity and purpose.” The overall success of the whole IAP program relies on these principles.

To keep their skilled workforce happy, IAP has benefits and rewards in place. They offer competitive pay as well as opportunity to grow. Adjustable health benefits to meet your unique circumstances as well as tax savings designed to shield you and your family from future cash flow problems is another concept this agency has for their employees.

There are also various incentives, recognitions and rewards for teamwork, milestones and just for general encouragement for constituting safety. They know if you feel valued the whole company profits.

If interested in an exciting career, while making the world a better place, you can look on line at IAP Worldwide Services’ current listings for jobs you qualify for and enjoy. You will then be directed to sending in your resume and filling out an application.

IAP Worldwide Services Awarded U.S Navy Contract And Reaction To Hurricane Mathew

IAP Worldwide services stellar preparedness in responding to natural disasters sets it apart from any other company. The company’s large pool of expert staff has enabled it to sufficiently address technological and natural emergencies on linkedin.com of varying magnitudes. IAP has also been steadily expanding its operations and in effect its ability to adequately satisfy different consumers with varied needs in record time. IAP Worldwide is also diversifying and engaged in multiple service provision, especially after the acquisition of two companies; Oklahoma’s Aviation and Logistics business as well as the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions Company in Aberdeen from DRS Technologies.

Clinching the Navy contract
The company’s growth and outstanding performance in the past helped IAP Worldwide Services secure the $900 million Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in the Pacific at the Pearl Harbor. But this isn’t IAP’s first contract with the Department of Defense. The company has been serving multiple contingency-based contracts with the Air Force since 1996. The Naval contract is, therefore, an appreciation of the company’s service to the maintenance of national security.

Under the decade-long contract, IAP Worldwide will be charged with the provision of critical infrastructural support operations and maintenance. The contract also covers support services with incidental constructions in the case of natural disasters and provision of humanitarian efforts as well as full military actions at different naval facilities across the world.

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IAP proves its worth with its prompt response to Hurricane Mathew
One of IAP worldwide Services areas of specialization includes the provision of both ground and aerial support and humanitarian aid to contracted agencies and the general community in case of emergencies. Most importantly, the company facilitates immediate deployment of experts for the restoration of power as well as the provision of emergency power backup in worst hit areas.

In the wake of Hurricane Mathew, the company was charged with the responsibility of providing emergency power, communication systems, and evacuation services in fulfillment of its contract with the U.S Army Corps. It was responsible for the evacuation of the Cape Canaveral office and activation of the emergency operations center in Panama.

Immediately after the storm, IAP Worldwide deployed power experts to reactivate and rehabilitate the thousand emergency power generators it operates and maintains on behalf of its clients throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The prompt and well-coordinated response to contingencies by the expert personnel are some of the factors that enable the company continually gain favor with the national security organs and other agencies in the country.

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IAP Worldwide Is Identified To Support The Hurricane Matthew Victims

About IAP Worldwide
IAP has the specialty of accomplishing any unlikely tasks. The company is the leading supplier of global-scale logistics, management facilities, and technically advanced professional services. It deals in military supplies, natural disasters management equipment, and is always willing to offer coordination and forecast experience to tackle complex logistic issues. The company maintains and controls civilian facilities, military installations, and other remote research laboratories. Kaye Scholer is the advocate of the company in the international markets.

IAP Worldwide presents management programs on Facebook and the technology necessary to aid international employees. The company’s commitment is to solve problems quickly and resourcefully. IAP sustains aircraft upgrade programs, automatic test equipment, aircraft parts repair and acquisition, as well as engineering services. IAP also supplies emerging technology to transform the high-tech Information, technology, and communication products. Customers all over the world depend on IAP for the development and maintenance of power plants.

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The IAP-US Navy Contract
IAP uses global integrated networks to ensure that the United States government fulfills its missions in dynamic situations. IAP recently achieved a deal with the US Navy to supply the United States security teams with global-scale support services such as airfields and field hospitals. The company aims to combine agility, proven technology, and expertise to aid the US Navy’s civilian and defense agencies during their adequate support to the US government and its allies. IAP will also offer support to the US Navy energy operations in remote areas. The company’s seasoned international teams will work responsively to supply the navy with infrastructure and construction solutions.

IAP named to support the Hurricane Matthew Victims
IAP has been called upon to provide emergency power assistance to support the Hurricane Matthew FEMA Regions IV and V. The company has consequently deployed several teams to the first Support Bases in Orlando, Florida, North Carolina, the East Coast, and Fort Bragg. The company on Hoovers intends to supply other emergency communications systems and relief solutions to the regions. Doug Kitani is the Director and CEO of IAP. Doug proclaimed the secure relationship of the company with the U.S. Government and the other support agencies that assist in mobilization ahead of Hurricane Matthew. He expressed his joy in being selected as part of the team to supply emergency solutions to the population affected by the hurricane.

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