ClassDojo Improves Their Platform Further

The unique classroom application that is sweeping the school systems of the world known as ClassDojo is one of the first application to incorporate the teaching of a growth mindset. They are working alongside the Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center to create a series of animated videos in order to improve upon their platform further and allow students to change the perception of themselves as learning individuals.

The ClassDojo application platform has evolved from a very primitive application to a very impressive communication tool. Early forms of the application gave teachers the ability to award children with points if they were well behaved or learnt a new skill adequately. Now however the application is a pure communication platform allowing the sharing of various media by teachers and students. Media such as photos, videos and text messages can be sent through the ClassDojo application and allows students, teachers and parents to communicate like never before. Parents can finally get access to parts of their child’s education that were previously not accessible. Now thanks to the great minds at ClassDojo and the technology of today the education experience for children and parents has changed completely.

In a recent article on ClassDojo announced that they have further improved upon the ClassDojo application by incorporating a Student Stories feature. This feature gives students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning through the sharing of recorded media of achievements and moments experienced within the classroom. Co-founder of the ClassDojo application, Liam Don shared that the improvement was no accident and that all research was done by asking parents and teachers what they wanted the application to do for them.

Teachers dreaming of a student focused classroom environment is now a reality thanks to the ClassDojo communication platform. Students can now share the work they are proud of with their parents immediately as well as sharing comments and adding tags of classroom friends. Usually all this is done to a very limited extent at the dinner table after a long day. Now parents can engage in their child’s experience immediately and from anywhere.

The ClassDojo communication tool is already in 40 different languages across the entire globe and is being used by countless schools. Teachers, parents and students have embraced the movement and this will keep the application evolving for the better.


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