Fires Across South Carolina Area

There are several wildfires that are raging in the mountains of North Carolina, but the people who live in South Carolina are getting some of the effects. They can see smoke in the air and smell smoke when they step out onto the porches of their homes. Many people have talked about the hazy conditions from the smoke making it difficult to see while driving.


With the dry conditions across the area, many fires have broken out. Some have been contained, but there have been about a dozen more that have started in only a day or two. A cold front swept through the area on Friday night, November 13, but it wasn’t really enough to make a difference in the severity of the larger fires. A state of emergency has been declared in 25 counties in North Carolina. There are firefighters from South Carolina who are scrambling to try to help put out the fires and to provide assistance to those who are being evacuated. A burning ban has been issued for many areas of South Carolina, especially in areas closest to where the fires are now burning. This means that no one can burn items outside, such as leaves or brush. Those who are caught burning items can be fined. Officials are also cautioning those who throw cigarettes out of the car while driving as this could be a concern as well for starting smaller fires.


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