How Cotemar has specialized in the Services that it offers

Cotemar is a Mexican firm that has majored in the provision of various services. They include shipping of commodities that need special handling, oil services, maritime services, and offshore construction and maintenance. The enterprise was established in 1979, and the variety of services that it offers has been growing over the years. One of its main clients is the Petroleos Mexicanos, which has hired it to conduct its offshore shipping undertakings. The company owns a couple of specialized vessels that maintain semi-submersible infrastructures that are located in off-shore facilities. It has been offering safe services for the past three decades.


The company has majored in the transportation of various commodities and personnel. Its vessels have been designed to be used in ferrying material, people, oil, and also towering vehicles and machinery into large structures. Cotemar’s boats are inspected and maintained according to the standards and safety measures that it has created.


The firm offers jobs to various professionals who have skills to handle its transportation process. Other services that it provides include catering, cleaning, and laundry when its vessels are offshore. Individual who have competencies in these fields can also seek for jobs at the company. Cotemar’ boats offer accommodation in small cabins that can accommodate about two to four people. The also provide amenities that are used for recreation, and they include a theater, TV rooms, and a basketball court. The catering services that they offer are outstanding, and its space can hold up to 4000 people. The company also provides a safe working environment since it operates by the safety and health control regulations. It takes care of the welfare of its employees by setting high operations standards.


Cotemar has been striving to be the leading provider of offshore services for both the oil and gas sectors. The enterprise has a vision of ensuring that its services in the international oil business are sustainable. It has been devoted to increasing the scope of services that it offers every year and is keen on adopting new innovative technologies. The company is privately held and has been recognized for the outstanding services that it offers in the petroleum industry.


Cotemar S.A. de C.V. was created as a business that majored in the provision of offshore transport, catering, and lodging services. The company stood out since it had vessels could transport employees, material, and other commodities that are needed for people to sustain themselves when they are away from land. By 1985, it had become a full-fledged offshore hotel that offered all services that people could need. Over time, it acquired vessels that have specialized in transporting different types of materials in the petroleum industry.

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