Programs For Veterans In South Carolina Jails

There are several people in jail who are veterans. These are people who might not have a place to live and commit crimes in order to have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. Many prisons in South Carolina are now offering programs to help veterans who are in jail so that they can succeed when they get out. Veterans who have an honorable discharge can enter the program at the MacDougall Correctional Institution. About 10 percent of the inmates in the state are veterans. Prison officials want to make sure veterans have all of the support available to them so that they don’t end up back in jail.


Veterans have to be within two years of being released in order to get into the programs. Michael Cole will be in charge of the program. He is a retired commander of the Navy. This is a program that gives hope to veterans. There are many times when veterans might feel that they are pushed to the side after their services of protecting the country have ended. They don’t have access to healthcare, and they don’t get the support that they need in the way of housing and financial assistance. They are pushed under a rug, which is why many resort to doing what they can to get in jail so that they will have somewhere to live.


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