Rick Shinto Leads InnovaCare Health to Provide the Best Services

Update – Feb 27, 2017 Rick Shinto was awarded by Ernst and Young as Entrepreneur of the Year for New Jersey due to his work with Innovacare.

InnovaCare Health is an institution that provides managed physician practice services and Medicare Plans. The healthcare company has done very well since it was established because it integrates sustainable and cost efficient models with advanced technologies. The institution is known for providing consumers with high quality and very affordable healthcare through Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and several other healthcare provider networks.

Since it was founded several years ago, InnovaCare Health primary mission has been to overcome the challenges in the health system and provide the clients with redefined health care services. The headquarters of the organization are found in Fort Lee in New Jersey. The institution has been able to meet the ever changing demands of the customers under the leadership of Richard Shinto, the President and chief executive officer and Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the chief administrative officer.

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Richard Shinto, President and Chief Executive Officer

Shinto is a very experienced professional in the medical industry. Shinto received his first medical degree from a New York-based university known as State University. Later on, he went for his MBA studies at the Redlands University where he graduated with first class honors. Shinto is a respected author too who has written several articles on healthcare and clinical medicine.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Richard Shinto had already worked in the clinical and operational healthcare industry for more than twenty years. His experienced in managed care enabled him to get an appointment to the position of chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare Health. Before taking this position, Richard Shinto was working as the CEO of an institution known as Aveta Inc. The company was sold in 2012, and this allowed him to look for greener pastures in InnovaCare Health. Shinto has also worked as the chief medical officer at NAMM in California. Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=46734954&privcapId=225431891

Rick started his successful career when he was appointed to work as a pulmonologist in South California just as an intern. After his internship, Shinto was selected to work as the Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optimal Health in California too. Rick Shinto was also working as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for a company known as Med Partners in the past.

Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer
Penelope is one of the individuals who hold key positions in InnovaCare Health today. She is currently the Chief Administrative Officer, a position she acquired in 2015. She got her master’s degree from the Columbia University School, and she has worked in several healthcare companies in the past.

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