South Carolina is not a Romantic State, According to New Research

A longitudinal survey conducted by psychologists at Michigan State University indicates that South Carolina is not exactly the most effusive state in terms of romance.


The research study specifically focused on two emotional conditions known as attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance. In South Carolina, 127,000 were surveyed on their opinions about these feeling, and many of them stated that these are naturally found in relationships. Psychologists believe that these are not healthy attitudes, and thus people who do not think too much about these emotions are deemed to be better lovers.


The most romantic state is Mississippi; the least romantic is North Dakota. South Carolina came in seventh place behind North Carolina. Other romantic states include Delaware, California, Utah, and Vermont.


The state that uses “Virginia is for Lovers” as its tourism motto did not score as high as expected and is currently ranked in the middle. It is interesting to note that Mississippi has one of the lowest rates of per capita income and one of the highest poverty levels.


States that ranked at the bottom of the survey are all located in the Great Plains. Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota are not very romantic states. There is no clear correlation between geography and romantic relationships, although it is interesting to note that the lowest scores on the survey were concentrated in the Great Plains. Some people who enjoy living by themselves are known to move to the mountains closer to the Great Plains; states with higher costs of living are known to attract couples earning two incomes.


A family doctor interviewed by the South Carolina Post and Courier explained that people have always been gregarious and in search of relationships, which is why quantifying romantic emotions and connecting them to individual states or regions can be difficult.



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