Fires Across South Carolina Area

There are several wildfires that are raging in the mountains of North Carolina, but the people who live in South Carolina are getting some of the effects. They can see smoke in the air and smell smoke when they step out onto the porches of their homes. Many people have talked about the hazy conditions from the smoke making it difficult to see while driving.


With the dry conditions across the area, many fires have broken out. Some have been contained, but there have been about a dozen more that have started in only a day or two. A cold front swept through the area on Friday night, November 13, but it wasn’t really enough to make a difference in the severity of the larger fires. A state of emergency has been declared in 25 counties in North Carolina. There are firefighters from South Carolina who are scrambling to try to help put out the fires and to provide assistance to those who are being evacuated. A burning ban has been issued for many areas of South Carolina, especially in areas closest to where the fires are now burning. This means that no one can burn items outside, such as leaves or brush. Those who are caught burning items can be fined. Officials are also cautioning those who throw cigarettes out of the car while driving as this could be a concern as well for starting smaller fires.


New Charleston Restaurant, Wild Hare Smokehouse, Opens

For fans of barbecue, Charleston is already a great place to be. It is always a bit of a thrill, though, to try out a new restaurant. Barbecue enthusiasts will have an appealing new restaurant option in the near future.

As reports, The Med Eatery and Bar in West Ashley will close on January 29. The following month, though, it will be replaced by The Wild Hare Smokehouse. The new restaurant will offer slow-cooked barbecue, including pork ribs, brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, and the like. The new restaurant will be led by chef Joseph Jacobson.

Little is known about the restaurant thus far, and details will surely follow soon. It is hard not to be impressed by the concept, though. Nothing beats slow-cooked barbecue, and it sounds like chef Jacobson and his team are serious about getting the experience right.

There is no question, though, that the new restaurant will have stiff competition. West Ashley is already home to several popular barbecue restaurants. Only time will tell whether The Wild Hare Smokehouse can compete against them. There is, however, room for competition. For serious barbecue fans, it is nice to have several restaurant options, and barbecue provides endless diversity.

If all goes well for the new restaurant, it will be hard to get a seat for the next few months. Many Charleston foodies will want to try out the new venue and make up their own minds about the food it fofers.

The restaurant business is tough, as demonstrated by the closing of The Med Eatery. Let’s hope that The Wild Hare Smokehouse provides a level of quality and service that will create loyalty among its customers, while offering some unique barbecue in Charleston.


Police in Charlton Helps Explain How to Spot an Impersonator

There have been increased incidences of police impersonators in Charleston, SC. Over the past few days, a man in Mt Pleasant who dressed as a police officer pointed a gun at a driver and jokingly asked him to touch it. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte also had the same experience when a man purporting to be a cop held him at gunpoint. This has prompted police officers to carry out a campaign to sensitize the public in knowing the difference between a real cop and a fake one.


According to Michael Fowler, who is a police officer at Hanahan Police Station, there are many ways to identify a fake police officer. For instance, a person has the right to ask for identification if he or she is skeptical of the officer’s legitimacy. If the officer cannot identify himself, that is a classic sign he may be impersonating.


Fowler says that the police officer should also give you the name of the agency he or she is working with. Be very much concerned with an officer who produces an ID, yet he or she cannot give the name of the agency responsible for his or her actions in the public. Fowler adds that it is important for a person to ensure the name and details in the ID match the badge patched on the shoulder.


The Police also advise people to comply and pull over whenever they are told so. However, if they feel uncertain with the police officer who orders them to pull over, they are free to call the relevant authorities for investigations. Fowler advises people in such situations to call 911 and indicate where they are. The police will send somebody from their department to access the situation and possibly interrogate and catch the suspect in the act.


In case the suspected impersonator begins to engage, Fowler advises that you comply. He advises people not to engage in arguments with such people for their own safety. He urged every resident of Charleton to remain vigilant of people who disrupt normal peace of the city and report them to authorities immediately.



New Incarnation of The Granary Set to Open at 835 Coleman Blvd., Charleston

Charleston is fortunate to have many restaurant options and a wide array of styles of food. Fans of Southern cooking and fresh seafood will want to take note of an upcoming relocation.

As reported by, The Granary closed its location in Belle Hall last December and is in the process of relocating to 835 Coleman Blvd. The new location is scheduled to open in February. It will feature Southern dishes and seafood, as well as favorite dishes from the restaurant’s prior incarnation, prepared under the direction of Brannon Florie, the executive chef.

It is unclear why The Granary’s management chose to change locations. Presumably, the owners expect to get more foot traffic in their new place. For a restaurant, though, it can be risky to make a geographic move, because the restaurant must attract new regular customers to stay in business. For whatever reason, it appears that the original Belle Hall location was not providing adequate business.

The Granary is retaining its original name and branding, though. This indicates that the owners believe that at least some of the restaurant’s faithful customers will follow the restaurant to its new location to continue enjoying its signature dishes. These loyal customers could be joined by many more. Ultimately, the business could survive and flourish with new customers.

Regardless of the business motivations for the move, The Granary will provide a fresh, new option on Coleman Blvd. Fans of Southern cuisine will undoubtedly want to give the restaurant a try. It will be interesting to see what new dishes the restaurant adds to its repertoire as it settles in to a new neighborhood and a new building.


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Lands UN Ambassador Position

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was speedily confirmed on January 24 as Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations.


During her hearing, she faced an onslaught of questions from the opposing Democrats over her lack of experience with global affairs and international policy. She also received some praise for her stances on issues like Russia and UN action toward Israel.


She said, “Russia is trying to show their muscle right now…I don’t think we can trust them.”


Aside from the Russia comment, she has also shown a bit of an adversarial attitude toward President Donald Trump’s other stances as well. She opposes the Muslim registry and a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States. She also advocated for the NATO alliance and claimed she would stand up to President Trump on that issue.


On areas where she does agree with Trump, she supports moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a controversial move since both Isreal and Palestine stake claim to Jerusalem. She also doesn’t seem to support heavy handedness against Israel, speaking out against Obama’s decision to abstain from the recent UN Security Council vote against illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.


It’s perhaps this mix of agreements with Democrats and Republicans and a willingness to stand up to the massive wildcard that is Donald Trump that landed her an overwhelming confirmation in her hearing. Only four senators voted against her, notably Bernie Sanders who ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.


Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster will take her place as governor to serve out the remaining two years of her term.



More People are Becoming Attracted to the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is gaining a lot of popularity. More people are becoming attracted to the teachings that are offered by The Kabbalah Centre. Among the different types of people that are visiting and taking lessons from this establishment are celebrities. They are going there in order to learn about the different lessons that come from the teachers of this discipline. With people of all walks gaining an interest in this type of establishment, one must wonder what the main draw is. There is certainly a reason behind the growth of visitors to the Kabbalah Centre.

The truth is that there are more than one reasons for people to visit the Spiritual Center. One of the main reasons for The Kabbalah Centre is to help people cope with life. A lot of people that have started visiting have found themselves burned in one way or another by life. Therefore, they are hoping that there is more to life than what they have been experiencing. They are also looking for something that is more fulfilling so that they can handle the life they are put into. Another reason that they go to The Kabbalah Centre is to gain an understanding about reality and God.

Among the celebrities that have taken an interest in the teachings of the Kabbalah are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and many other celebrities. The results of the visit to the Kabbalah Centre are actually quite amazing. One person has stated that the teachings Kabbalah have helped eliminate the majority of the chaos that is in her life. Some people live extremely chaotic lives. This is one reason to at least consider a visit to The Kabbalah Centre. Wisdom is what is offered to many people from this establishment. Students of the Kabbalah will find themselves living fulfilled lives.

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Attempted Robbery Leads To Drug Bust?

It may never be known why a group of young men went to an apartment of strangers armed with guns. The occupants of the apartment heard someone coming up the stairs outside and immediately confronted the group. Antwan Grant, Malik Washington and Joshua Davis opened the front door of the apartment and confronted the group of young men. One of the gentleman yelled back at Davis and brandished a gun. Joshua Davis fired at the group of men and one of them fired back.

The altercation provoked neighbors to call the police. They engaged the members of the apartment and the group of men who were fleeing the scene. Several violations occurred during the pursuit. The young men fleeing the apartment crashed into a motorist. They were apprehended and charged with a number of crimes including discharging a firearm.

Police were also motivated to investigate the apartment where the incident began. They obtained a warrant and found drug paraphernalia including marijuana and cocaine. The members of the apartment were charged with possession and intent to distribute. There were also charges brought for firing their weapons at the group of men who came to the apartment.

There is no logical explanation as to why a group of strangers approached an apartment armed with guns. Davis, Washington and Grant obviously felt threatened. They reacted as if they were protecting everything they had. Ironically, their actions only inspired the investigation that led to their arrest.

The oldest occupant of the apartment was Joshua Davis. He is 24 years old. Malik Washington and Antwan Grant are each 18 years old and facing charges that will place them in prison for a large part of their young adult lives.

The men who fled the scene were also charged with crimes. Police have not revealed their motives for approaching the apartment.


Jason Halpern and JMH Development Tops Off Aloft South Beach

In early 2015, JMH Development finished off its Miami Beach project. Aloft South Beach is 235-room luxury hotel located in the heart of South Beach. It’s the first newly constructed hotel to open in South Beach since 2009. JMH reused the historic Motel Ankara and added an eight-story tower.


The new hotel rooms are slightly larger than the average room for a hotel in the area. Aloft South Beach’s average size room is more than 360 square feet. Jason Halpern, Principal of JMH Development, proudly announced the completion of the project shortly after the building was topped off.


Like many South Beach hotels, Aloft South Beach offers a prime, waterfront location. Both Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal wrap around the luxury property. In JMH fashion, the hotel also boasts some of the most elegant furnishings in South Beach. The hotel’s location plays a giant role in its hopeful success.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Just one block away from the shores of Miami Beach, Aloft South Beach capitalizes being located in the heart of South Beach. It embraces every local event within guests’ reach. It’s just minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center. There are also several art galleries, nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques, and the Bass Museum of Art nearby.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

The hotel itself boasts luxury in every way possible. Aside from the elegant interior designs, the hotel has a roof deck lounge for special events. There is also an outdoor pool with gorgeous, waterfront views. For more active guests, there’s a 24-hour fitness center with a professional staff. For business professionals, Aloft South Beach offers a 2,349-square-foot meeting space. The meeting space can also be used to social events like wedding receptions and reunions. The hotel also offers live, free events showcases local artists and bands at the WXYZ bars.


JMH Development is one of the leading developers in the country. It’s a full-service real estate development company that operates all over the United States. Considering all the expert professionals working for the company, JMH Development has decades of experience as a developer and owner of major residential and commercial properties.


Jason Halpern works closely with all his team members to ensure JMH is creating distinctive properties. With all their experience combines, JMH team members can approach projects in innovative ways. JMH is one of the top developers in the luxury category. JMH is considered to be a pioneer in developing unique properties in Brooklyn.


It was Jason’s brilliance that led JMH to redevelop the 184 Kent property. Before Jason’s renovation, 184 Kent was an abandoned warehouse. In 2011, the property was received the Building Brooklyn Award.

Henry McMaster Becomes Governor Of South Carolina

Henry McMaster is going to become the next Governor of South Carolina. Many say that McMaster played his political hand perfectly. He initially ran against Governor Nikki Haley in a losing effort. He decided to then run for the Lieutenant Governor position and serve under Governor Haley. McMaster continued to make moves. He caused a stir by lending his support to Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Donald Trump was a controversial choice at the time. However, he eventually won the Presidential election.

Governor Nikki Haley was critical of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. That did not stop the new President from securing her services as Ambassador to the United Nations. Her appointment to this position means that she will have to vacate the office of Governor. It puts Henry McMaster right in the position he originally wanted to be in.

McMaster will be finishing Nikki Haley’s second term as Governor. It becomes official once she is sworn in as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He will then be free to run for the Governor’s office as the incumbent.

Henry McMaster never shied away from his endorsement of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. This caused a stir among the Republicans of South Carolina. Trump was not a popular choice for their party at the time. McMaster was taking a tremendous risk by putting his faith in an outsider such as Trump. The Governor at the time supported another Republican candidate. Nikki Haley put her initial support behind Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio was campaigning out of Florida and posed one of the biggest threats to Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy. The 69 year old McMaster will become the 117th governor of South Carolina. Staying close to his former rival proved to be Henry McMasters best move. Governor Nikki Haley’s success eventually paved the way for his own.


Adam Milstein Adds Philanthropy To His Success

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American entrepreneur, community leader, real estate investor, and philanthropist. Before arriving in the United States in 1981, he graduated from the Technion in Israel and served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. After obtaining a degree in 1983, he began his career in the real estate industry. A few decades later, he spends much of his time at Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm where he works as a Managing Partner.

Milstein isn’t just a successful real estate investor. He is also an active philanthropist and community leader. He is the National Chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. He sits on the board at numerous other organizations like StandWithUs, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, the Israel on Campus Coalition, and the Jewish Funders Network. He and his wife Gila even founded an organization that gives free books in Hebrew to more than 15,000 Israel-Jewish-American families all over the country, named Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

In a recent interview, Adam Milstein spoke about what has helped him become successful and how his passion has led him. His creation of Hager Pacific Properties came from a simple idea and from the desire to acquire what he found himself worthy of. He takes comfort in small achievements and knows that structure doesn’t always mean success. His achievements in business did not always make him successful either, pushing him to venture further into the philanthropic world.

Milstein brings his ideas to life by pushing the ideas until they become true. Relying on others will never allow one to achieve what they desire, as he points out. He believes that three habits that will make any entrepreneur or businessman more successful- consistency, persistency, and follow-up.

Adam Milstein knows that being patient is part of running a successful business; big-time success doesn’t happen in a short time. Making every decision should be wagered against the risk of regret. Adam Milstein regrets no decision he has made in his life, ensuring his life has not only been successful but also full of happiness.

Check out Adam Milstein’s Crunchbase.