Clay Siegall’s Efforts to Cure Cancer Bearing Fruits

Driven by his passion for helping ailing cancer patients, Clay Siegall combined his drug development practices and rigorous research to build Seattle Genetics on a foundation of scientific innovation and provide medication for cancer patients. He is a trained scientist who specializes in cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall co-founded the Seattle Genetics back in 1998 and serves as the CEO and President. The company, under his governance, has pioneered the manufacture of several cancer drugs such as ADCETRIS, a drug approved in more than sixty countries globally. The drug was developed in conjunction with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The company is dedicated to widening the scope of its operation and use its technology to develop more cancer drugs and antibody drug conjugates.

Hiring Spree

Seattle Genetics is about to go on a hiring spree to increase its manpower in a bid to develop more cancer drugs. Seattle Genetics, which already has more than 800 employees, is planning to recruit around 100 more according to the president and CEO Clay Siegall.

Education, Awards, and Affiliated Companies

Dr. Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. He also has a Ph.D. in Genetics he received from the George Washington University. He was a finalist in healthcare category in the Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year awards back in 2002. For his contributions in the area of targeted toxins, he received the Pierce Award in 1995. He serves on the Board of the Scientific Counsellors for the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and part of the editorial board of three scientific journals. He holds nine patents and has authored about 67 scientific papers.

Siegall was a Biotechnology Fellow and a Staff Fellow at the National Institutes of Health’s Cancer Institute for four years. He is also a member of the board at the Governors of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance and is the director of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association. He has been an autonomous Director of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. since 2014, as well as Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. since 2013. He became Seattle Genetics chairman in the year 2004. Since 2000, Dr. Siegall has been the CEO and President of Seattle Genetics.