Exemplary Life of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the current President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and also serves as the Senior Vice President at Legendary investments. He attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington Dc from 1977 to 1987. Later, he began his high school studies at The Peddie School Hightstown and then, attended Syracuse University where he graduated in 1995 with B.A. in speech communication.
Upon Graduation, Todd Lubar got his first job in Crestar Mortgage Corporation from 1995 to 1999.In 1999, he joined Legacy Financial group where he helped to grow the Maryland office to a production unit. He worked until 2005 where he moved forward and accepted to be the Vice President with Charter Funding an organization based on the outskirts of Arizona. He was the Vice President until 2007 when the mortgage industry he was working with before underwent several changes. He decided to move back to his primary focus of purchasing money mortgage with Priority of Financial services.
Todd’s primary focus throughout his career was mortgage banking. The changes got him involved in several other lines of businesses which include: – Commercial Demolition industry, the recycling industry, which led to the company being traded in public marketplace, and the real estate industry where he was able to develop relationships with people who have the experience in building trade. Due to these achievements, he was ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the country. Through these experiences, he was able to understand what makes the business run and how to excel in any business environment. Today, he has entered into another philanthropic industry helping people in need, TDL Ventures, where he is the president of the organization.
Todd Lubar currently lives in Bethesda Maryland where he lives with his two kids. Lubar loves the Orange County and also loves to spend time with his children and travel. His main goal is to grow as a better person day by day.

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The Enigma That is Helane Morrison

Update: October 27, 2016 – Helane Morrison has recently been noted as a “Person on the Move” by BizJournals. To view the page detailing her accolades, click here.

It takes much dedication, sacrifice, and hard work to make it in the corporate world. However, when you are a woman in a predominantly male dominated field, these three factors are barely enough to guarantee success.

Women in the corporate world have to contend with stereotypes of all kinds. They also have to strike a balance between their personal lives and their jobs. It’s, therefore, astonishing to see the likes of Helane Morrison defying all odds and climbing to the top of the corporate ladder.

Helane Morrison has achieved the perfect blend of three professions; Law, Administration, and Journalism. She started out in Journalism after completing her Bachelor’s Degree at the Northwestern University. Her passion for legal studies led her to the University of California- Berkeley School of her Law degree. While pursuing her studies, she took up the role of senior editor at the California Law Review.

The long academic journey became her springboard to success. Currently, she assumes a plethora of responsibilities at Hall Capital Partners. For the past eight years, she has been a Managing Director at the firm besides doubling up as Lead Legal Counsel and the Chief Compliance Officer.

The compliance role is of particular importance because she makes sure the firm meets all legal requirements and all employees align to the goals of the business. Before she joined Hall Capital, Ms. Morrison served as a regional director for the Securities and Exchange Commission department in San Francisco. Her roles here included regulatory oversight, enforcement of securities and litigation. She also spoke on behalf of the Department in dealings with other government agencies and the business community as described in her company profile.


Throughout her career, Helane’s attention to compliance and regulatory matters earned her the reputation of an iron lady. As an administrator at SEC, she once vowed to keep rogue operators such as the online brokerage firms based in the San Francisco region. Interestingly, Helane Morrison was the first female head of the regional office. At one point, she flagged a company on the grounds of insider trading. See some of the statements she made on the accused company here http://www.quotehd.com/quotes/helane-morrison-quote-metropolitan-essentially-bought-real-estate-from-itself.

Helane Morrison has become an authority figure on compliance matters in the corporate world of San Francisco and beyond. Meanwhile, she keeps a watchful eye on the daily proceedings at Hall Capital, and the company exhibits exemplary performance.

Helane has chartered the movement for better work hours, more paid time off and a more balanced work-home life within Hall Capital. She has petitioned for longer, paid maternity leave as well as paid paternity leave for employees of the company so that they can enjoy what matters most and come back to work with a refreshed mind and energized for the work ahead.


As Helane Morrison is one of three prominent female authority figures at the company, she is contributing to breaking the glass ceiling and leading by example. She is encouraging women to follow suit and gain confidence in their accomplishments and rise to the top of their industries, even if they are the first of their gender to be there. This was the case with her role at the SEC and she remains an exemplary model many young women look up to when shaping their own careers.

Outside of work, Helane is involved in the Regional Parks Foundation in her town of San Francisco. As an avid outdoors-person, Helane spends much of her free time perusing the parks in her local neighborhood and wanted to participate in efforts to keep these havens clean and safe. She joined the board and also takes part of multiple drives and efforts to free parks of debris and keep them well-maintained. This is a space where families often come to enjoy time with each other and Helane knows keeping them focused on that is important.


This South Carolina Boat That Washed Up in Wales is So Cool

On July 4th, while many Americans celebrated Independence Day with backyard cookouts and fireworks, students from a Welsh school in Borth were busy returning a model boat that was discovered on a Welsh beach after students in South Carolina set it on its 4,000 mile trek.

When reading this story, it’s easy to get excited thinking about all of the cool things that these students on both sides of the Atlantic must have learned in the process of sending and receiving this peculiar model boat, that was fitted with a GPS to track its journey. Let’s be honest. This is the kind of stuff nerds -including myself- get excited about. However, this story is also cool because what it highlights about different ways students can learn about the world around them and the science that keeps the world in close communication. For people interested in ways to make their classrooms more exciting, this might just be one project worth looking into.

To be fair, students at the St. Andrew’s School of Math and Science in Charleston could have learned about transportation, human migration, and trade with Europe from the Americas by reading textbooks or watching movies. However, taking the time to build a model boat, fit it with a GPS, send it across the Atlantic, and communicate with Welsh students to get it fixed and transported back to them not only taught them the same lesson, but made it fun while giving them experience they can use in the future.

Now, that’s pretty cool.

Dick DeVos; The Pride of Michigan

Dick DeVos has achieved so much in his career and social life over the past three decades. He is a very busy man and is mostly dedicated to philanthropy. However, Mr. DeVos hasn’t got there by chance but determination and purpose.


Dick DeVos and his wife Elizabeth have maintained and expanded the family empire. They have devoted their whole vocations to the strengthening of underprivileged families in Michigan and past. A large degree of their endeavors is coordinated at the training part which gravely required changes to address imbalances. The couple has taken the lead in matters of charity and general strategy making processes.


The money related fortunes of the DeVos family are attached to the Amway partnership to which Richard DeVos Sr. was a prime supporter. He was DeVos’ father. The undertaking uses deals systems to appropriate wellbeing and restorative items. Throughout the years, it created massive conveyance chains and made immense fortunes.


Dick joined the privately-owned company in 1974. He took as much time as necessary to take in the ropes around the business under the tutelage of his accomplished father. In the end, Dick turned into a VP at Amway and propelled the firm to AN extraordinary development and accomplishment in new markets. Sales increased, and Dick earned a reputation for being a quick business person.


Around the same time, he established a capacity organization named Windquest. Upon his dad’s retirement, Dick took up the CEO’s part at Amway where he managed another restructuring phase aimed at worldwide strength. Dick DeVos never proposed to wander into governmental issues. However, he looked for political office to be in a superior position to campaign for changes in his key areas of interest.


One of such areas is the education sector where a large number of people could not afford quality learning. In the last three decades, the foundation has gathered policy makers and government authorities to make education accessible to all. Dick managed to gain ground as a member of the State Education Board in Michigan.


Politics and philanthropy eat up much of the time meant for Dick DeVos and his family. He has to make sure his companies are in able hands of professionals. To handle this, he appointed Phil Dolci to head The Stow Company, a constituent of the Windquest group.


The new CEO has more than two years of involvement in advertising and generation. He will, however, have significant gaps to fill, as he takes over from the former CEO; Frank Newman. More details on the appointment are available at DeVos Company gets new CEO at MLive.


Learn More Of The Banco BMG CEO

Child of Flavio Pentagma Guimarães, an expansive mining business person who put resources into various zones, for example, farming, espresso manner and to a cannery, Ricardo Guimarães had the benefit of being conceived in one of the wealthiest families and effective of Minas Gerais. Be that as it may, Ricardo Guimarães, celebrated for directing BMG, dependably had an extraordinary ability for diligent work and advancement. What’s more, that is the thing that he demonstrated when he took BMG bank in 1998 to transform it into the National Advances pioneer set out in no time a short time later. The associations of the group of Ricardo Guimarães with the commercial division go back to the right on time a century ago, all the more definitely to 1930 when his granddad established the Area Credit Bank.The grandson of Mr. Antônio Mourão Guimarães was the fourth part to pay the family’s monetary issues.

It was under the administration of Ricardo Guimarães that BMG has embraced an imaginative methodology to wind up a pioneer in entrusted credit checking in Brazil. Working through an incline and effective group with advisors spread the nation over, BMG concentrate on offering credit at low loan fees for a crowd of people that has a low level of default. An awesome objective from Ricardo Guimarães in the credit market, which made his bank the pioneer in this industry!

Another huge play on the representative was putting forth sponsorship for different football groups and competitors in the nation. Today BMG is the biggest supporter of football in Brazil. Notwithstanding being obsessive supporter Clube Atlético Mineiro, Ricardo Guimarães stresses that BMG does not pull for any group and supports that even adversaries.

Furthermore, the bank gets a magnificent return for this, one of the Brazilian subsidies with the more prominent financial return for an interest in football. What’s more, it’s not just in the field of business that sponsorship to football is useful for BMG, additionally in the zone of promoting. The permeability that the bank accomplishes the stamping his three oranges letters in different clubs around the nation is gigantic. What’s more, Ricardo Guimarães joins with the football world go past the sponsorship offered by your bank and its enthusiasm of fans by Clube Atlético Mineiro.

He has led the alvine gro of Mines, succeeding Nelson Brant and being accountable for the club for five long years when he was succeeded by Ziza Valadares. The dedication of the administration of Ricardo Gallen was such that he a few times put out of pocket cash to help the group in times of trouble. Also, today, right around ten years in the wake of leaving the administration’s athletic, he’s still a standout amongst the most regarded figures in the club, both by the load up and by the fans.Read more in wiki.

The Recap of BMG’s Chief Executive Officer

For the past 40 years, the present and the future of technology have always been revealed at an annual event which has always been held in the month of January in Las Vegas. You will always find anything current and advanced at this event.

As it had initially been reported, the CES 2016 didn’t actually change the world, instead it showed how the globe was transforming. A drone was being headlined with space for cameras attached, electric cars and passenger during this year’s Fair Consumer Electronics according to Marcio Alaor.

The Electric Cars

One of the major attractions in the electronics fair was electronic cars which are currently the trend of the automotive sector. Marcio Alaor, the final version of the Chevrolet Bolt was introduced by GM back in 2017. The aim is that the car will be on sale by the end of this year at an initial price of $30,000.

The Smart Home

The cameras which Sfas were connected and attached to almost everything were also the new objects. For example when you wanted to purchase milk at the grocery store and can’t remember if there the refrigerator will always send you a picture of the interior and help you solve the problem.

The 184 Ehang Drone

Some of the major attractions during the CES 2016 were the drones. However, none of the drones have been acclaimed as the Ehang 184 which has been designed to be occupied by a passenger and provides us with the impression that cars which are flying have arrived finally.

It is not a must that you fly the drone, all you have to do is preprogram, sit back and enjoy your trip. Currently the flight capacity is only 23 minutes and capable of reaching a height of 3.5 kilometers. There are advance plans the Chienese firm will be coming up with a control center which will be able to take command of the drone whenever there is need. You can also find a similar article at Exame.com.

About Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor BMG is among the BMG executive group who are also the major sponsors of the Brazilian football. BMG is also known to be responsible for printing uniforms of 39 different clubs where its mark usually appear on either the chest, at the back or in the shirtsleeves. The firm has also been funding three different men’s volleyball teams, three basketball teams, Vitor Belfort fighter and gymnast Jade Babosa.

Save Your Business With Crisis Expert Darius Fisher

Your brand and online reputation is extremely important. Social networks have changed the way people voice their opinion. A few bad reviews or complaints can spread like wild fire and damage your business. There are over a billion Facebook users and hundreds of millions that use Instagram, Twitter and Yelp. Your job and years of hard work could be in jeopardy thanks to the unhappy customer and social media. This is where online reputation management companies come into play. Their job is to constantly monitor and making sure the perception of your business stays on the positive side. They boost positive content on the internet, thus decreasing the visibility of the negative. These days customers and potential buyers rely on forums and other sites to read reviews. They will trust the word from even strangers. Studies have shown that 75 percent of potential customers will check reviews online before they make a decision or purchase.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that will establish where you currently are reputation wise, as well as your goals. They will fix any damage and continue to work diligently to accomplish your goals. Lastly their job is to make sure your goals are met. What damage control has been accomplished, it’s important to continue your relationship with Status Labs. It’s essential to continue to monitor and track constantly. Status Labs understands that the first page of Google search is your first impression. They are able to rank your business’s homepage on page one to help drive more traffic to your web site. Some people for whatever vindictive reasons, even competitors will post negative comments that are simply unfounded. Status Labs can completely remove libelous, accusatory posts from search engine results. They can also create blogs, social media accounts, and bookmarking sites that will reflect your brand in a positive light.

If you are a business or individual that is looking for a second chance, then Darius Fisher is your man. Yes that’s right, business’s aren’t the only ones that need to save face. When top CEO’s and other Executives get into trouble, a quick internet search could decide their fate when it comes to finding a new job. If they are going through a messy divorce, information on that will pop up as well affecting their career. He is the President and co-founder of Status Labs. They have offices in New York, Ustin and Sao Paulo. Darius Fisher has received a top honor of being named one of PRWeek’s Innovation 50. It’s a list recognizing rising stars in 2015 in PR and digital communications. Darius along with Status Labs is responsible for turning the negative into the positive for more than 1500 clients in 35 countries.

The Prime Rock

Plymouth Rock Assurance Company is an auto insurance broker in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire that has just launched a new tool called “Prime.” This tool will allow consumers to buy auto insurance online and manage their account, all while staying in touch with their insurance agent. This gives consumers the freedom from having to go to an office to visit their insurance agent.
Through “Prime”, consumers can get a quote and then decide if they want to purchase the insurance policy. The insurance agent pays a onetime fee and after that, the policy is transferred to them, and they own the policy for life. (published by the Insurance Journal.)

James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance Company. In the early 1970’s he lectured at Harvard University while consulting with the insurance industry part time. In 1973 Mr. Stone was admitted to the Casualty Actuarial Society where he wrote a paper on the insurance of catastrophic risk. The paper went on to become a requirement of CAS at harvard University. He then became the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance from 1975 – 1979. In 1979 President Carter appointed him to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission where he served until 1983.
Stone’s Plymouth Rock Assurance Company, which includes several subsidiaries, manages 1 billion in auto and homeowners insurance policies annually. Stone is also a member of the New York based private equity investment firm of the Administrative Committee of Lindsay Goldberg. He is vice chairman of the Global Post and he also was co-founder of Cat Limited in Bermuda. Adding to these credits is his founding of Homesite Group Inc. and Response Insurance.

Source: Insurance Journal

The Well-Known President and Philanthropist of CCMP Capital

Stephen P. Murray was a great asset to and the founder of CCMP Capital. A graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School, finance and business administration were his focus from the beginning of his career. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital worked his way up from an entry level position at MH Equity Corporation to become CEO of one of the biggest private equity firms in 2007. Although CCMP Capital was a big portion of Murray’s life, he had multiple philanthropic passions as well. The company that received the most support from Murray was the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, but his focuses also included Boston College, Stamford Museum and Columbia Business School. One of Murray’s accomplishments was also being appointed vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College as well as a member of the chairman’s council of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. In addition to being a chairman for these organizations, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also served as a board member for many major companies. Some of these companies were, but were not limited to: Aramark, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods and Generac Power Systems. Later on in his life he was a board member for Crestcom International, LHP Hospital Group and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. Murray was also a family man, having been married and the father of four children. They were known to be his pride and joy, over all of his accomplishments throughout his life. He was known to be a very successful investor and deal-maker. Not only was he a strong presence in regards to his family, but was also well-known at his company. His hard work allowed him to accomplish many great things with CCMP Capital, and his accomplishments influenced the success of CCMP greatly. He is an influence and strong presence at CCMP to this day.

Joseph Bismark Featured in asPire Magazine

An article recently released through Reuters discussed a piece in asPire magazine’s latest issue, featuring Joseph Bismark. A founding Director of the Qi Group, Bismark shares aspect of his life in the piece, including his vegetarian diet, exercise regime, literature, and apps that help to sustains his healthy lifestyle.

The Director explains that activities keep people fit, and help them to conquer self-doubt. He is an advocate of holistic health, and teaches by example. he works out weekly with kettlebells for improved flexibility, cycles often, and teaches yoga. He considers the latter a way of life, learning more about the subject even as he teaches it. Bismark is a yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga.

A selection of apps and media help Bismark to achieve his goals. He spends 15 minutes of every day working out his brain with Luminosity. The web-based application challenges the brain with fun, scientific, games that can be played on any device. Meditation is essential to yoga, a truth that has made the Director fond of SoundCloud. He finds it is an excellent way to upload and share his mantras and bhanjans chants. Finally, whenever Bismark goes cycling, he enjoys using MapMyRide. The app is a fitness tracker, and includes statistics for duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned.

Joseph Bismark’s innate desire for knowledge has led him to success in his varied interests: Vedic philosophy, yoga, bonsai, and martial arts. He ascended to the role of Group Managing Director of the Qi Group in 2008. Since then he has worked and lived with one adage in mind: “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” His talented leadership has been described as dynamic and versatile, featuring an open management style influenced by Vedic philosophical tenets. His unorthodox upbringing has produced a man who is at once innovative and reflective.

Bismark’s efforts were instrumental in building a foundation for the Group’s colossal growth. In line with his views on life, he initiated the Group’s forays into wellness and organic foods. He also believes that spiritual growth is gained through service, which has led him to devote time and attention to the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the RYTHMN Foundation.

The Director watches over his Group’s evolution from Singapore. The Qi Group, which currently has subsidiary companies in nearly 30 countries, is expanding into education with the establishment of a University in Malaysia. The Group is also investing in the hospitality sectors of six countries around the world.