Ricardo Tosto on the Rise of the Brazilian LLM

Graduate study in Brazil was previously limited to academic pursuits. Those interested in becoming professors could study for a master’s degree or doctorate in order to teach at a university. Although graduate study could also enhance career prospects, in the past most lawyers possessed only an undergraduate degree in law.

This is starting to change. Brazilian LLM degrees are modeled on the type of MBA programs offered in the country. MBA’s in Brazil aren’t official master’s degrees, but rather post-graduate specializations, a bit like a post-graduate diploma in the British the system of education. Similar degree programs aimed at lawyers are popping up, some of which are marketed as LLM’s.

As the practice of law becomes more specialized, these programs offer a stepping stone for lawyers seeking to gain new skills and stay relevant in the job market. Some programs even offer joint MBA programs, which are likely to become even more common in the future.

Ricardo Tosto received his bachelor of law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University, one of Brazil’s top law schools. For over two decades, he has been at the helm of one of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates.

Ricardo Tosto is a legend in the legal community for his pioneering role in bringing the dispute resolution model to Brazilian law firms. In addition to his role as managing partner at Ricardo Tosto & Associates, he is also an avid reader and writer. In fact, Ricardo Tosto is the author of a book on Brazilian legal history.

How Has Thor Halvorssen Changed the Lives of Millions?

The Human Rights Foundation is a beautiful charity that was founded by Thor Halvorssen in New York City, and he came to the city with an eye of conquering world oppression. He has a history that speaks to what it means to fight for the oppressed, and he ensures everyone who lacks a voice finds it in him. This article explains how Thor has become a beacon for those who wish to make the world a better place.

#1: What Is The Human Rights Foundation?

It is a large charity in New York City run by Thor. He raises money for the charity among the most-elite of the city, and he wishes to bring more people on-board with the mission for his charity. The mission at the charity reaches around the world, and Thor meets with world leaders who listen to his voice when others have been turned away.

#2: How Does Thor Reach The World?

The world population has quite a lot of oppressed people in it, and each new person who is forced into a place of oppression may be aided by Thor’s audience with their leaders. World leaders meet with Thor as he helps to influence their foreign policy. Their governments may change, and he will ask them how they plan to help their people.

#3: Thor Is Familiar With The Media

The media speaks to Thor quite regularly, and he ensures every news conference has an air of story to it. The stories he tells share the history of those who have been taken from their proper places in society, and he wishes to continue to tell stories as she helps the world become more aware of dangerous tyrants. Thor wishes to remain in the media to ensure the people of the world are learning rather than leaving their heads in the sand.

Everyone who listens to Thor Halvorssen knows of the Human Rights Foundation and what it does. There are quite a few issues that he covers, and he understands the changes in the world must be addressed. His history informs him of where tyranny must be stopped.

Geoffrey Cone Helps New Zealanders to Understand Tax Law Transparency

New Zealand has long been a leader when it comes to tax law. It takes care of foreign trusts in accordance with the OECD Model. This is an international legal accord which provides guidelines for transparency when it comes to foreign investing. Tax and trust law are Geoffrey Cone’s areas of expertise. He has been practicing law in this field for 36 years. As a young man, he dreamed of being a truly great practitioner of the law. This drove him to work and study harder than those around him, and the result is that he is a globally respected lawyer in New Zealand tax and trust law.

His Law firm is Cone Marshall Limited. He has practiced law in the British West Indies, and he has delegates working for him in Switzerland. If someone needs the best possible counsel on tax law for New Zealand, he is the man to go to. He has presented cases before the Privy Council of New Zealand on multiple occasions. Clients choose him as their representative when they know they must have the best at any price. Geoffrey believes in sharing his knowledge with the public. His years of practicing law in the realm of finance have given him a sympathy for the common man who is often misled by opportunists and the sensationalist media.

Geoffrey Cone assets that at no point in its history has New Zealand been a tax haven for foreign Investors. Its laws preventing this activity are some of the toughest in the world. It would be impossible for rogue foreign investors to set up accounts in the country and use them fraudulently. Tax havens are nations where there is no transparency in banking and individuals do not have to pay taxes at all if they set up their corporations properly. Banks in New Zealand are not secretive by nature. Taxes are paid by all foreign investors. The only reason the alleged scandal exists in the media is for the purpose of generating ad revenue for the newspapers. There were no private jets, sexy women, rich and powerful people colluding with politicians and bankers to deceive the public. Geoffrey Cone is certain of this because he understands the intricacies of the tax laws forbidding this activity from occurring. The public can rest assured that the banking system is functioning as it was intended. When a trust carries on a business the information about the trustee is preserved.

Learn more: http://www.conemarshall.com/cone-marshall-offices.html

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a Partner at the U.S. law firm of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados. Tosto has come somewhat lowly beginnings to an admirable career in higher education at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He has ascended to the heights of Brazil’s business law community. His business strategies are outstanding. Those heights are not where he began, of course. Tosto started in the smallest circumstances. It took years of working for business litigation companies, becoming the go-to attorney who defended major politicians and notable public figures, each with very differing philosophies of life.

Some of his celebrated cases have made Ricardo Tosto a household name. He has become a major advocate for many politicians and multi-national groups, no matter their flavor of ideology or political philosophy. He has done complex work for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), usually pro bono, alongside work for governmental agencies. He really does go far and beyond his own comfort to perform litigation for his clients. Some of his exploits are featured in office presentations for increasing employee involvement in Ricardo Tosto’s style of “good combat.”

Ricardo Tosto has done a great deal in contributing to changes in Brazilian Law that have resulted in a boosted economy for the country. Brazil has the fifth-largest economy in the world. Some of the legal mechanisms Tosto invented have now become mainstream law practice. All the big cases and causes of his partnership law firm, which he heads, are managed by him, directly. He has often shown his brand of common sense and yet effective leadership.

Tosto joined the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados law firm over a quarter of a century ago, in eary 1991. He is a lead member in many organizations. Some of these include the following: Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), Brazilian Institute for Studies in Electoral and Party Law (IBEDEP), and the International Bar Association (IBA).