Jason Hope About Giving Back To The Community

Jason Hope EntrepreneurJason Hope is an investor and entrepreneur. Jason is also a futurist as well as a philanthropist. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. His passion is in technology and giving back to humanity. Jason holds a Finance degree which he earned at Arizona State University. He also went to ASU’s W.P Cary School of Business where he earned an MBA.

Jason has his heart on politics. He is known as a skilled futurist who is committed to giving towards people’s welfare. He says that his assets and skills put him in place to give back. Jason Hope says his vision is to be able to see Arizona’s communities thriving. He assists local organizations who are involved with the local communities and whose goals are to help humanity.

Jason specifically helps communities by fighting the effects of aging so as to enable individuals to live long satisfying lives. Jason says that technology is the future. His field of work is based on various aspects of research and development. Jason develops mobile apps, desktop software, and gaming software devices that are technology oriented. He says that all this is to improve the welfare of people and also make their lives easier.

Jason is involved in the innovation of new ways to put technology to use to be able to benefit humanity. His mission as a futurist is to assist businesses and individuals to follow the right path as they explore technology. He is passionate about young entrepreneurs. He helps them as they begin their journey in the world of technology. Jason states that the young people always have bright and big ideas but lack the support and finances to make their ideas to reality. He provides grants to students in high school and colleges to start working on their ideas as they gradually move up the ladder of success in the technology world.

Jason Hope (Follow @jasonhope) says that time and resources can be channeled to organizations and good projects with his influence. He says that he understands how hard it can be to begin a business venture, implement an idea, or create a new product. Jason says that what is needed at the end of it all is an excellent idea. Jason has assisted many individuals and organizations as a philanthropist. Jason’s advice to the young entrepreneurs is that they should never let anything come in the way of your passion or what you want to achieve.

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George Soros Will Help Refugees through the Power of the Private Sector

In the midst of the refugee crisis and the meetings being orchestrated by the United Nations, the successful investor and philanthropist George Soros has launched a call to action. Other than encouraging Europe and the U.S. to collaborate efficiently with equity, George Soros will also provide his own contributions. The business magnate recently stated that he will invest more than $500 million in programs and business around the world in order to help refugees.

For decades, people from the Middle East and Africa have been leaving to more prosperous places due to war. And currently, especially due to the civil war that emerged in Syria, millions of refugees are crossing the seas in order to be able survive on opensocietyfoundations.org. Most of the asylum seekers are coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. But many others are coming too from other countries in the Middle East as well. Not only that, but many of the people leaving are actually economic immigrants, who are feeling their home countries due to extreme poverty.

Soros has addressed the failed policies of the U.S. and Europe regarding the refugee crisis. Feasible and efficient plans have not been established nor executed, while millions of refugees are in a state of desperation fighting for basic resources. George Soros thinks that prosperous nations are underestimating the power of the private sector, which can greatly complement their roles. Soros thinks too that the private sector can also reap benefits to the hosts.

According to Soros, he will invest in programs, established businesses, and in refugees with entrepreneurial initiatives. Soros will focus, for instance, on technology. He is aware that many of the problems that humanity is currently facing can only be solved through technological innovations. Such issues can be found in medicine today. By focusing on emerging technology, immigrants will be able to have greater access to products and services.

The Open Society Foundations, which Soros founded in 1973, will be responsible of dispersing the funds. Also, all of the profits gained will go back to refugee-related and immigrant programs. Soros will also work with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee for guidance. Soros, a man has donated more than $8 billion to humanitarian causes, hopes that other affluent individuals also invest in the refugees. More information can be found about Soros’ plans at the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. Personal information about the businessman Soros can be found here. See: http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros

Dick DeVos; The Pride of Michigan

Dick DeVos has achieved so much in his career and social life over the past three decades. He is a very busy man and is mostly dedicated to philanthropy. However, Mr. DeVos hasn’t got there by chance but determination and purpose.


Dick DeVos and his wife Elizabeth have maintained and expanded the family empire. They have devoted their whole vocations to the strengthening of underprivileged families in Michigan and past. A large degree of their endeavors is coordinated at the training part which gravely required changes to address imbalances. The couple has taken the lead in matters of charity and general strategy making processes.


The money related fortunes of the DeVos family are attached to the Amway partnership to which Richard DeVos Sr. was a prime supporter. He was DeVos’ father. The undertaking uses deals systems to appropriate wellbeing and restorative items. Throughout the years, it created massive conveyance chains and made immense fortunes.


Dick joined the privately-owned company in 1974. He took as much time as necessary to take in the ropes around the business under the tutelage of his accomplished father. In the end, Dick turned into a VP at Amway and propelled the firm to AN extraordinary development and accomplishment in new markets. Sales increased, and Dick earned a reputation for being a quick business person.


Around the same time, he established a capacity organization named Windquest. Upon his dad’s retirement, Dick took up the CEO’s part at Amway where he managed another restructuring phase aimed at worldwide strength. Dick DeVos never proposed to wander into governmental issues. However, he looked for political office to be in a superior position to campaign for changes in his key areas of interest.


One of such areas is the education sector where a large number of people could not afford quality learning. In the last three decades, the foundation has gathered policy makers and government authorities to make education accessible to all. Dick managed to gain ground as a member of the State Education Board in Michigan.


Politics and philanthropy eat up much of the time meant for Dick DeVos and his family. He has to make sure his companies are in able hands of professionals. To handle this, he appointed Phil Dolci to head The Stow Company, a constituent of the Windquest group.


The new CEO has more than two years of involvement in advertising and generation. He will, however, have significant gaps to fill, as he takes over from the former CEO; Frank Newman. More details on the appointment are available at DeVos Company gets new CEO at MLive.


About Charles Koch And Stand Together

Charles Koch is a Wichita-based business executive who is the CEO and president of Koch Industries. Despite his advanced age, Koch still manages to preside over the $ 110 billion empires which he grew from $ 50 million annual turnovers.

Charles Koch recently announced the formation of a new organization to continue its mandate. The group is called Stand Together. The body will continue the Koch Brothers policies of pure libertinism albeit in a more direct way.

Stand Together was announced this year but has been in existence for a year now. It was announced through the launch of its website and endorsement of Bob Woodson as its brand ambassador.

Evans Feinberg will lead Stand Together. He is a despite his young age a veteran of many political campaigns. His most famous were when he took on Tim Murphy with the Tea Party. Evans was also behind the Koch advocacy group Generation Millenniums. The group was so successful it got the attention of President Obama.

Stand Together will also be assisted by Richard Fink and Brian Hood. Richard is a political think tank who is credited with having shaped the Koch policies. Brian is the current president of Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute. They both bring many years of experience in the fund. They will be instrumental in shaping its direction.

Stand Together plans not to be involved in any policy campaign but leverage itself to grow. It has achieved a reputation as the only advocacy group willing to work with the terms of the target group. It is this very fact that attracted Bob Woodson to the group as he felt it was going to protect his interests.

Charles Koch is a very respected business executive and philanthropist. He is credited with taking his father’s business international and making it a multi-billion business. It today has $ 110 billion in sales annually and interest in virtually every sphere of American lives.

Koch Industries is well known for its oil refineries in Texas. Koch has also over the years built a sophisticated network of political lobby groups led by CATO institute which he founded in 1973.

Charles Koch lives in Wichita with his wife. He was born and bred here and describes it as the perfect place to bring up a family. He is married to Liz, and they have been together for 42 years.

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